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  • HorrorDust
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    Just some HorrorDust stuff sin warning fluff lemon and all that crap. I will most likely forget about this so I'm sorry about that. I only type one page at a time so don't judge.

  • the Boss and his minion (A Dustmare story)
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    nightmare and dust have been good teammates,dust doing all his missions right nightmare was very grateful for the help but soon found himself falling for the guys but also finding something he could NEVER forget Find out by reading. The. Damn. Book. Thank you Please do not report me because of the cover thank you

  • Will Love Conquer all? (a bill x error 404 story)
    3.9K 100 24

    cover by me! when bill and error 404 first met they became friends but they didn't know they had feelings for each other but bill has a dark secret that hasn't been shown or known yet but will they tell they feelings for each other? will 404 know about bill's dark secret? if you want to find out..... Read the book

  • Empireverse (the empires)
    2.1K 64 19

    im sorry for making this story im so sorry well this is the story: when dream found out that there are more than two empires they had an adventure to find the missing empires bc they where effected by the war of the moon and sun empire war so the empires went to separate ways

  • Life in dreamswap!
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    What will happen in a normal day of dreamswap? who knows?? !cover not by me!

  • Just friends? | Epic x Color (Epicolor)
    4.1K 249 23

    ! [ WARNING : SLOW UPDATES ] ! ! [ AUTHOR IS IN SEMI-HIATUS ] ! Art By Lunnar-Chan Ship created by Lunnar-chan (?) Epic and Color are Great friends, They're also Friends with Cross but Since Cross have his own Family, He's more focused to them but he still gives his friends time. Epic usually hangs out with Color and...

  • EmpireVerse
    17.1K 585 8

    A war broke out between the two empires. The Empire of The Sun, and the Empire of the Moon. The two emperors are brothers but with delicate pasts. Each empire has different purposes, one to unite, and one to destroy. What paths will they all take? Warning! This book may contain strong language, violence, and ships. I...

  • Epic x Color (Epicolor) Oneshots, Fluff, etc. [REQUEST OPEN]
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    ! [ AUTHOR IS IN LONG HIATUS ] ! Art by Astra-y-skelepal in Tumblr Yes-- I am very into the ship so bad- You can Request any AU of Epicolor if you want.

  • Sun And Moon Empires( EmpireVerse)
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    Dream And nightmare loved each other like brother and sister but when nightmare took a bit out of the black apple hes been killing people so dream and night had a big fight after a few months later dream has been the queen of sun and nightmare has been the king of moon after dream and found out that nightmare was aliv...