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  • c'est compliqué // l.s.
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    "Just tell me that it wasn't nothing. That at one particular moment in your life I held some significance. That's all I want to hear now, really."

  • A Little Mixed Up || l.s.
    77.7K 3K 34

    Harry is a rich Hollywood director with too many pets, who recently divorced from his former husband (who didn't want to settle down and have kids and found someone much younger to run off with). Harry goes to adopt a child as a single father and Louis happens to be the adoption counselor who has to make sure Harry wi...

  • We Don't Wear Suits - An AU Larry Stylinson Fanfic
    1.3K 41 11

    They are dangerous. They are killers. And they are addicts. They are England's biggest drug dealers and at their work they don't wear suits. 5 boys who are looking for money get a temporary job that turns into a permanent job, as they become England's biggest criminals but still keep out of jail. Niall- The leader Lia...

  • Bubblegum Boulevard ☕︎ l.s.
    2.6K 90 5

    Harry's father is a rich man who owns nightclubs and hotels all around the world. Harry likes to party and skip school to drink and do drugs. On the night of his fathers new club opening, he almost overdoses. His father sends him away to Europe after the incident to keep his reputation-and to help his son of course. A...