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  • The Way Of The World
    1.9K 90 22

    // BOOK THE FIFTH IN 'THE OTHER HOLMES' SERIES, INCLUDED SPOILERS! // Kendra had gotten used to family life, with her husband and young daughter. It had returned to normal, the balance restored. But no one can keep Moriarty away for long. Soon, Kendra's world is tipped upside down all over again, and her new family at...

  • The Final Battle
    2.7K 221 23

    // BOOK THE FOURTH OF 'THE OTHER HOLMES' SERIES. INCLUDES SPOILERS. // When Sherlock is murdered by Moriarty, Kendra has a thirst for, revenge. Someone needs to pay. Even if that someone is her Father. Kendra has become void of emotions, and she was becoming more and more like Moriarty by the second. Only a few people...

  • For Old Times Sake
    4.1K 296 22

    // THIRD IN THE 'OTHER HOLMES' TRILOGY INCLUDES SPOILERS // When Kendra is taken by Moriarty and memory wiped, Sherlock is left alone once more. For two years he becomes accustomed to life as it was before, but then came the dream. It was of mysterious origin, but its message was very clear. Sherlock needed to get bac...

  • The Other Holmes
    32.8K 1K 21

    Aylanara Holmes. The middle sister of Mycroft and Sherlock. Oh, and an escaped criminal from America. She worked for the American Government, but when a crime was committed, all hands pointed at her. Facing the death penalty, she fled in fear for her life. She went to the more forgiving of her brothers, Sherlock. But...

  • The Consulting Niece
    15.5K 575 22

    //SEQUEL TO 'THE OTHER HOLMES' INCLUDES SPOILERS// Aylanara Holmes was killed by the American government, but part of her lives on. That part is her child. Kendra Holmes was raised in America, but when she gets kicked out of her latest foster family, the decision is made to send her to her Uncle Sherlock. Still grievi...