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  • The lost Clan
    29 10 3

    Ivy, a rouge has a dream from starclan to build a new clan

  • Lightingfur's revenge (book 1). (Complete)
    258 57 12

    I of course don't own warriors Erin Hunter does but the plot and characters are mine so please don't copy.

  • Ravenstripe's secret
    33 12 2

    Ravenpaws life is great. But danger lurks in the future and a secret dangles from reveled and he must try to convince everyone else, that it's not true. Even if he's ling.

  • Warrior cat quotes
    170 57 15

    So basically this is where I find quotes and put which cat said them. So hope you read

  • Shattered
    13 5 1

    There were three kits two of them played without the other. Leaving her to play with rocks and sticks. Shattered apart by differences they went three separate ways, by that I mean different clans, One lonely and mad made her own...

  • Willowbreeze's courage
    32 10 3

    Willowpaw faces harsh times during her life including cats taunting her about how she's not feisty and hostile. But really the others are bloodthirsty and ruthless. She will have two choices in the end. And whatever choice she makes she knows one thing, Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again... I don't own warriors but...

  • Poisongaze's clan
    20 6 2

    Poisongaze is a new warrior she knows all the moves but still just can't seem to perfect them. Half of the reason is she's half blind. She'll never be a normal warrior no matter how hard she tries. The advantage is that she can hear very very well. Making it easier to target her enemy and dodge blows.