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  • Cuddle Buddy (Laucy)
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    A mini Lucy is better than nothing

  • cops & drugs ➳ l.j & l.v
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    three-shot "...spread your legs, miss." au in which lauren is a cop and lucy has a purse full of pot [this story is not mine, you can find it here:]

    Completed   Mature
  • circles // laucy
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    they're both 10 when they meet, they're both 16 when they forget, they're both 19 when they remember. [non-au laucy fic in chronological order. title+fic inspiration: circles by the young romans] cover by: @laurjergi

  • Laucy One Shots
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    These are all Fluff! All written by me unless said so

  • shameless;; laucy
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    in which 'friends with benefits' goes awry.

  • Fake Love (Camren/Lucy)
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    She only believed in me when she was around, when I had something to give her. It was like she was only with me when she was straight up in my face.

  • True Happiness (Laucy)
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    Lauren has a crush on her best friend Lucy. When Lauren tells her will their friendship be different, or will they become something more. Chapter one might not be the greatest, but if you keep you keep reading you might actually like my story. Please don't give up on it after the first chapter. Just give it a try.

  • Wild(Laucy)
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    In a world where Lauren, Camila, Normani, Dinah, and Ally are best friends. One night they were invited to a party full of booze and weed and something out of the ordinary goes terribly wrong. The five girls wake up the next day to only realize that there not the same as they were the day before. Read more if interes...

  • here - laucy
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  • Dear Stranger, (LAUCY)
    9.4K 400 12

    ''You're a muse in my eyes, my inspiration for a lot of things, it doesn't help that you're a piece of art I can't resist. '' A journal can often be the key to our past, our beloved memories and the painful reminder of the hidden emotional scars we keep inside. Lucy uses journals as a sort of escape, not really think...

  • Back to Me // Laucy
    27.8K 847 19

    "Love to watch you try and turn your back to me. But I know that any minute you'll be back to me." ___ All Lauren ever wanted was someone who would be willing to receive all the love she had to give. All Lucy wanted was to figure out what her heart really wanted. But Lauren loved too hard. And Lucy didn't know how mu...

  • Photo Booth (Laucy)
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    Lauren needs to get a date to a family wedding... and fast! When Lucy steps in as her 'girlfriend' for the weekend, things get a little more serious than she planned. • I was by no means justifying the act of leaking Lauren and Lucy's photos by writing this fic, and I feel so bad for both of them. With that said, enjo...

  • The Truth Behind The Smiles
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    Laucy Fanfiction.. 'Our Story' through Lucys eyes. Hey guys, not sure where im going with this just wanted to try something different. Know a lot of people dont stan Laucy and honestly i dont either im just trying to try new things, enjoy x

  • Paint Me Like One of Your French Girls »Laucy«
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    "could you return here tomorrow?" "huh?" laucy one-shot full of fluff.