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  • Charlotte Cavanaugh
    2.4K 43 6

    Spencer and Toby break up and Toby leaves town . Spencer finds out she's pregnant with Toby's baby and hides her from him for seven years until one day Toby comes back to town ..........

  • Spoby 5 years later
    10.7K 259 43

    What happened after the 5 year time jump

  • Jesse's little sister {Pitch Perfect}
    547 7 3

    Mercy Gracelynn Swanson is Jesse's shy little sister. She is a shy and tomboy girl who got bullied at her school. She was smart enough to move up into college with her brother.

  • Babysitting The Bad Boy's Sister
    522K 16K 20

    Meet Tracy Lawrence, a normal high school student who kept her distance away from the popular radar for her whole high school life. Everything was going fine until she babysat Katie, the sister of Eric Thomson. She didn't care about Eric at first anyway. Tracy finds herself being closer to the Thomson family, excludin...

  • Cats Twin (Beck Oliver/victorious Fanfiction) (DISCONTINUED)
    77.6K 2 1

    Ariana grande finally gets what shes always dreamt about can one person ruin that?

  • Adopted by Braddison
    1.4K 25 3

    Your a 7 year old girl who has just been adopted by Bryce Hall and Addison Easterling, you love them but don't know how you feel about Bryces friends

  • Wrapped Up In You
    618 8 3

    Slexie. Mark Sloan, Lexie Grey. Same two lovers, under different circumstances. This is an AU of their relationship, on another way their relationship may have played out. I'm taking this fanfiction back to the beginning before they actually started having any romantic interactions with one another (early season 5ish)...

  • A Spoby Story: I'm Safe Now
    108K 2.3K 39

    After Alison's death,Spencer couldn't take it anymore and had a mental breakdown which led her to depression. Her life is boring and she feels like nothing matters anymore. Until she meets Toby.

  • Cabbie
    1K 37 4

    Valentine's day. Love. Cat and robbie are to cute. Cabbie!😀

  • Babysitting The Bad Boy's Little Sister [COMPLETE]
    174K 5.4K 24

    The average bad boy Nathan Gren. The average nerd looking for a job Hayley Mendoza. Hayley starts babysitting Nathan's little sister, and finds out about Nathan. Can love be connected through just one babysitting job? Sounds cheesy if you are that kind of person. This book is completed!

  • Emma and Killian's Love Story
    4.4K 94 17

    Hello! In this story I'm basically going to write about the lives of Killian and Emma and everyone else in storybrooke Enjoy❤️

  • SPOBY Reunited
    35.7K 735 24

    5 years ago Spencer and Toby were so in love. They couldn't see a future without each other. But they break up when Spencer leaves for University. That was 5 long years ago. Now Toby works long days to care for his 3 year old daughter Avery. But things start to stir back up in Toby's heart when Spencer returns.

  • What Could Have Been.
    3.6K 65 8

    Spoby after PLL is over. We ended knowing that Alex (Spencer's twin) had been the Spencer with Toby pretty much all season 7. Luckily, he knew Spencer well enough to know who the real one was and at the end of 7x20 it is said that Spencer and Toby are back together and everyone is happy for them. But, I don't feel...

  • Braddison
    15.6K 444 10

    Just read it !!!

  • New Years Romance (Braddison)
    13.4K 357 17

    "Happy New Year!"

  • Give Me Everything Tonight
    490 20 2

    Takes place after the ICCA's. What happened after Beca and Jesse's kiss? Follow the couple as they take this new journey. When surprises arise, will Beca be able to stop herself from shutting Jesse out?

  • You are my happy ending
    19.7K 740 27

    This is a fanfic that starts right after the season 5 finale. Hope you enjoy! Please follow me and comment!

  • Slexie
    3.9K 65 9

    What if the plane crash never happened, the surgery they were going to do, was successful. Will Slexie be the couple that survives?

  • Emmas First Christmas
    357 14 1

    One shot of Emma's first Christmas with her family. Captain Swan heavy

  • Spoby Reunion
    464 21 5

    "Keep in mind this story takes place during the 5 yrs forward stage" "Spencer, will you marry me" said Caleb. Spencer was in utter shock. He hadn't even said he loved her yet and now he wanted to marry her. She was in awe but knew that the time just wasn't right. She looked him in the eye and said " Caleb, I can't do...

  • 𝑀𝑦 𝑂𝑛𝑒 𝐴𝑛𝑑 𝑂𝑛𝑙𝑦///braddison
    36.5K 946 36

    A story about the couple braddison (bryce hall and addison easterling) going through ups and downs hoping to set things straight ... ------- There is no cussing or any r rated material.

  • 100 Theme FanFiction Challenge (Slexie)
    5.2K 54 6

    Rules are pretty much self-explanatory.. .but I'll summarize them for anyone else that might wanna do it too: 1.) Pick a fandom 2.) Pick a pairing!! 3.) Write a one-shot for each of the themes. (length isn't a factor--so it could be a whole chapter long or just a drabble) 4.) None of the chapters can be a continuation...

  • I can never love someone like you
    273 12 1

    This is a Spoby story set in season 7 it is a short story.

  • Rather Be
    2.2K 126 7

    What happens when Zelena decides to trick everyone into believing Emma and August are true love, when Emma knows she loves Killian?

  • Love triangle|| Braddison story{completed}
    13.6K 536 24

    Bryce, Addison, and Tony have been best friends for as long as they can remember. What happens when both the boys fall In love with Addison which one will she fall in love with!?

  • No More Pretending
    611 19 3

    Mark and Lexie never got a chance a proper relationship until now. In this story they didn't die in the plane crash. They took it as a second chance.

  • Avanthony <3 (A Love Story)
    22K 1K 46

    This story is taken place in high school when Avani moves from Indiana to LA. She meets this mysterious boy and makes new friends along the way. Will she ever find out more about this mysterious boy? Other ships I am adding are ChaCha and Braddison!!! I hope you enjoy my story <3

  • Once Upon A Time/Captain Swan fanfic
    108 0 4

    This fanfic takes places in season 3 when Emma is in New York, living with Henry. As well as her false memories and no memory of the missing year or life in Storybrooke. It's a regular day for her in New York when she hears a knock on the door...