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  • You're Safe With Me [BTS X Reader] Yandere Ff *EDITING*
    79.8K 3.2K 51

    "Now that you remember me..(Y/N) do you remember the rest?"

  • Playful Kiss (19+ j.jk ff) (Completed ✔)
    326K 12.4K 32

    Jungkook and y/n have been into a relationship for as long as they can remember. They soon decide to conceal this bond by marrying each other. Everything was going well until y/n finds out the truth about the Jeon family and she decides to run away on the day of their wedding. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Warning: smut/mature the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mine || kth ff [ COMPLETED ]
    221K 4.4K 45

    Taehyung x reader Mafia boss Kim Taehyung marry an innocent girl Jeon Eunhye "You are mine kitten... only mine" he purred as I backed up against the wall. A chill ran through my spine as his cold breath hit the nape of my neck... #11 abusing #27 lust #99 forcedmarriage #10 regret #13 eroticromance #1 abusivehusb...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mr. Psychopath 2. (21+)|Jeon jungkook
    169K 5K 28

    -adult content. -graphic language -graphic violence -nudity ~~~~~~~~~~ "Be quiet...or he will find you" (+18) Finally after 2 years escaping from this nightmare she can finally live a normal life..or will she? Apperantllaly (y/n) is dealing with depression including her personality disorder called 'bipolar'. Will...

  • Obscurity // JJK
    80K 2.4K 30

    You never fit in with the crowd, always standing out, unable to make friends and you hated yourself for it but what if there was one person who believed you were more beautiful than anything else in this world? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'Can't you see? I did...

  • Lucky Fan
    37.6K 533 6

    This is a smut but it's not short enough for the oneshot collection book. Plus I wanted to make this as a book. It won't have a lot of parts maybe like 4 or 5 but this idea seemed cool to be its own thing. Jungkook fan fiction Y/n ends up going to a bts concert because of your best friend. You like bts but you don't...

  • sadist |
    678 61 2

    "Fall for me" said the devil to the angel, And she did sadist /ˈseɪdɪst/ : a person who derives pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from inflicting pain or humiliation on others. In other words, Kim Taehyung. __ He caught her. He knew that she was weak. He knew she had no way to escape. He knew she had nowhere...

  • stalker |
    72.4K 3K 40

    " Get off me, please " "Shh princess, don't make me shut you mouth You belong to me now " - yandere ff ~ One mere look at you got him craving for more and led him to claiming all of you as his. -stalker | -Angel. 30.7.19 _____________ ! ONLY FIRST INTRODUCT...

  • His Possession ✔️
    79.2K 2.4K 33

    I was scared would be an understatement, for i was shaking uncontrollably. He was standing a few steps away from me pointing a knife towards my helpless form. I was tied up and unable to move. My body sore from the previous beating. I looked up at him, my teary eyes begging for mercy. He just took slow steps towards m...

  • naughty [p.j.m.]
    123K 3.8K 19

    "Well, well, darling, you've been quite naughty, haven't you?" He wrenches my arm behind my back further, I feel every fibre of pain every tear that drips down my cheek, throat and onto my torn shirt. "Say it," he whispers against my ear, his hot breath fanning. "Say it or I'll be the one spoon feeding you for the...

  • Alice and the Mad Hatter pt. 3 - Kim Taehyung
    81K 4.3K 47

    Taehyung x reader (READ PART 1 AND 2 FIRST OF COURSE) Was this finally gonna be the ending or was he never gonna let her go? Started: 05-12-19 //@Anne_011// #49 in creepy #6 in Taehyung #10 in KimTaehyung #67 in English

  • Lucifer |
    241K 13K 35

    Indulging in earthly treasures was a thrill seeking privilege and she just became his greatest find. *Kim Taehyung Fanfiction *Unedited/Short Chapters *Mature (Adult Language, Explicit Sexual Content, 🔞) *COMPLETED ©️Cupidslittlewings 2019

    Completed   Mature
  • Alice and the Mad Hatter pt. 2 - Kim Taehyung
    253K 13.8K 67

    Taehyung x reader (THIS IS PART 2, PART 3 IS OUT) He's back. And he's more terrifying then ever. --- (Read the first book first of course) Started: 28-06-2019 //@Anne_011// #28 in creepy #5 in English #7 in KimTaehyung

  • Sadistic ✅
    2.6M 102K 49

    Winner of Best Fanfiction in @thefictionawards 2019! "Are you afraid of me, kitten?" "N-no." I watched as his devilish rose coloured lips turned upwards into a sadistic grin, his mouth revealed two sharpened fangs ready to attack. "Wrong answer." A scream ripped through my throat as I felt a pain being inflicted onto...

    Completed   Mature
  • Let Me Go || JJK & KTH [ON HOLD]
    82.3K 3.7K 31

    [Sequel of Can't Let You Go] If you haven't read Can't Let You Go, I recommend you to read that first. The title of the book is made by LewiisTommo and the cover by myself. #25 in suffering

  • Behind That Cute Smile | J.Jk || COMPLETED ||
    85.1K 3.1K 13

    "She's mine..." "Nothing will keep her from me...." *hysterical laugh* "More like no one will get in my way..." *stands in the moonlight while the moon glistens on the bloody knife in his hand*

  • MINE | Yandere PJM [18+]
    233K 9.5K 45

    Do you think he is your friend? Do you think you know him enough? What happens if he reveals his true color? Will you still stay by his side? YANDERE WARNING : ADULT CONTENT. -Dedicated to my cutie pie Dew- HIGHEST RANKED ON #1 : btsjimin

    Completed   Mature
  • Obsessive Love || yandere jungkook x reader
    26.8K 642 16

    --------------------------------------------------- "He's a stalker He's a blood thirst murder No... He's a monster, a psychopath He'll do anything to get what he wants, especially about his obsession... his toxic obsession" "Blood was dripping from his hands I did this for you my love~ Now you'll love me back right?"...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Aurora - Not A Fairytail | J.JK ✔
    223K 9.4K 63

    《#2 in Jungkook FF BOCCA》 It's so deceiving. The fact that people with the most angelic faces could be even worse than the devil itself. And by the time I learned that.. It was too late. This is an AU fanfiction. The characters played in the story are not real. Highest ranking #93 in JJK #343 in Horror COMPLETED✔ Bulg...

    169K 9.3K 61

    "Strip" He demanded. "Wha-what did you just say?" "I Said Strip." A Jeon Jungkook Fanfiction ©Iristsi (Unedited) Warning : unedited, cringe alert, mature contents. 50k - 190914 100k - 200510

    Completed   Mature
  • Forced marriage ||JJK ✔️EDITING
    645K 19.3K 58

    "Did you like it when he touched you?" Silence took over the delayed response. "ANSWER ME!!" She flinched. "It's none of your business!", Jungkook cocked an eyebrow at her response. "Oh really? I think it is. If he can touch you then i shouldn't be a problem right?". "No! Please don't do this. Stop!!" A forced marri...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Ex-Wife || 전정국
    113K 4.3K 7

    "You're mine! I don't care how much you hate me, but I'm taking my heir back. If you disobey me, you won't be walking for the next month!" ❅❅ It has been three years now since you've been forced to marry a person you don't love for the benefit of both your parents' companies. For three years you were forced to live un...

  • Just Us | BTS 21+ ✔
    4.3M 108K 30

    Bangtan as your protective older brothers?? But they don't love you the way brothers should... ____________________ "I shouldn't be doing this! This is bad...but it's too sweet to stop" ⚠*WARNING*⚠ - Mature content - Bad language - seriously messed up #2 in yandere 20/8/18

    Completed   Mature
  • Deranged [Jungkook Yandere au]
    13.8K 360 9

    never did she ever think he was so deranged ... especially not for her Yandere teacher x student Started :October 7 2017 Ended : (Sorry if rude but) This has mature and offensive content like rape and self harm and stuff...if u no like and will complain then I'll have you know that I don't give a shit and that I've...

  • My Psycho Ex-Boyfriend [ COMPLETE]
    175K 4.3K 39

    " Taehyung leave me alone, I broke up with you long ago" "Oh Y/N, I'm afraid I can't do that" He smirked It was those words that knew ... YOUR SCREWED Warning: Includes smut🔞 Read at your own risk! GOOD LUCK😝

  • His Cruel Revenge | JJK ||✔️
    200K 9.2K 44

    An ordinary 9 year old child will play with his friends- I didn't, I worked. An ordinary 9 year old child would barely understand his surrounding in this world- I did, clearly. I was surrounded by cruelty in this pretended kind world. An ordinary 9 year old child would be loved and fed properly- I wasn't. I worked ha...

    Completed   Mature
  • You and Me || JM ✔️
    341K 13.9K 53

    "She leaned on the wall for support. Her knees weakened but managed to hold her up. Tears trickled down her cheeks non stop. Her body compelled me to do many things but my eyes kept landing on her face. Her tears made me sense a bit of guilt. She would never love you, she disrespected your mother. Her father is the...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Mistress 21+ (BTS Jungkook ff)
    2.2M 38K 37

    He pins me to the wall once again placing his soft lips on my sensitive neck, Im trying my best not to moan knowing that they'll hear us...." Jungkook...." I moan out and he quickly places his lips on mine to shut me up. I smile and work with his wife... and I take my clothes off for him...... (May 6th -- June 9th 20...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Unhealthy Obsession | Jungkook
    2.3M 139K 66

    "Do you love me yet? No? How about I make you then" He chuckles. #1 IN HORROR #1 IN CREEPY #29 IN FANFICTION ___________________ Horror/Yandere/Angst

    Completed   Mature
  • Blood Red Rose✔
    87.9K 2.5K 26

    Genre: Angast/Horros/Thriller/Criminal and Smut Character: Lee Y/N 25 years old Book Writer. Jeon Jungkook 27, Heir of the Largest Company in Soth Korea, Desirable Bachlor. Cold and Arrogant. Kim Tae...

    Completed   Mature