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  • Coffee // Yoongi
    232K 11.6K 35

    UNDER CONSTRUCTION YALL WAIT A MIN ; ❝ Come on this isn't the first time i saw them. Don't be shy baby girl. ❞ ; ❝ Can you not please. I'm not your baby girl. ❞ 120216

  • Nightmare | m.yg
    246K 8.2K 40

    Nightmare is a scary one thing. But is there any happiness hidden in the dark nightmare? "where is you,Min Yoongi? I need you.." !!WARNING!! this book suck and i really feel like delete it. if you couldn't tolerate stupidity, you shouldn't read this.

  • save me一 m.yoongi
    204K 6K 24

    in the end, all she wanted was for him to save her Started; 15. October 2015 Ended; 20. November 2015 2015 - copyright @aehyungs-

  • decay / min yoongi
    208K 8.1K 24

    "I think you've got the wrong Min Yoongi." or In which Yoongi doesn't want to fall in love

  • The Day I Met Him.
    47.1K 1K 42

    It was hate at first sight.Jungkook was arrogant and rude.Kylie was pretty,and famous.They didn't realize they need each other.If Jungkook would repair her father's car,Kylie must go with Jungkook on a date.And that car repair is for free.They pretended that they really fell inlove with each other on that date,but Kyl...

  • DEAD - JJK
    1.2M 99.5K 70

    gone forever. 2019 © COZYINN

    Completed   Mature
  • 4 Senses || Min Yoongi (WAIT DONT READ YET IM EDITING LOL)
    345K 13.4K 24

    "Everyone is born with 5 senses; Hear, see, smell, taste and touch. If you don't take care of those senses, then they will slowly fade away." Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved

  • Dirty talk || p.j.
    1.6M 54.7K 90

    "Wanna get naked?" "Id rather shred my eyes with an electric blender than see you naked." "Oh I love how you dirty talk baby."

    Completed   Mature
  • save me | jungkook
    377K 10.6K 24

    areum17: save me read 3:47 pm jeonjk is writing... jeonjk: i swear to god areum jeonjk: don't do it jeonjk: pls tell me you're reading this jeonjk: i'm coming for you unread

  • 69 Days | JJK
    4M 152K 39

    69 is not just a number. #6 ranked under FANFICTION as of 29 Nov 2016 Re edited ✔️ Disclaimer : No smuts , but emotional af .

  • You Are Mine
    5.5M 201K 58

    *TRAILER IN FIRST CHAPTER* One day whilst writing the next chapter for your latest fanfiction you get a message from kik saying that they read your fanfictions. What if the guy you've been texting for a year is one of your ultimate biases? Highest rank in fanfiction: #30 17/12/16 in Fanfiction.

  • 7 Days | BTS Jimin
    53.2K 1.8K 7

    Seven seconds... Seven minutes... Seven hours... Seven days... Seven weeks... Seven months... Seven years.... Doesn't matter how much time will pass, I shall always love you. 《♥》 ...

  • Sad Souls, Fragile Hearts (Jin BTS)
    110K 4.4K 27

    "I can't believe you're really in front of me" - Jiyoon thought to herself. The nerdy student, Chan Jiyoon finds herself falling for the new school kid who is known as a member of BTS, Kim SeokJin. Thousands of girls hearts are fluttered by Jin, of course. Why wouldn't anyone have a crush on a cute, happy, talented b...

  • SEQUEL 3 - Loving You Was My Mistake (Jimin BTS) [BOOK THREE]
    121K 4K 17

    Son Naomi and Park Jimin have created their own family. They have one daughter Vanessa, and they are living with all the other BTS members. What if something breaks them apart all over again? Will marrying each other be a mistake? NOTE: BEFORE READING, check out 'Hating You Was My Mistake' and 'Was Hating You My Mista...

  • Love Game [ COMPLETED ] editing
    5.2M 128K 26

    What happens when 7 good looking boy gets transferred to your school & you make a bet with one of them ? What will it lead too well I don't know Read too find out.. SIDE NOTE: this was requested by a reader for it to be slightly Similar to heart strings. INSPIRED by heart strings. Also this story was written when I...

  • Revenge For Love (Jungkook BTS)
    202K 6.8K 19

    Choi Jihyun is a typical seventeen year old girl who is cold hearted and insecure because of the way people treat her. Jeon Jungkook is a play boy eighteen year old boy who is popular, and gets what he want with his best friends, Bangtan. One day, someone's feelings change, will Jihyun's cold image disappear away? Wi...