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  • On Thin Ice (MarkHyuck)
    2.2K 171 7

    Top notch Korean figure skater Lee Donghyuck's life was crumbling in front of him, until a Canadian ice hockey player stepped into it.

  • Irresistible [ Jaeyong, Markhei, Hyuckmin, Noren ]
    4.3K 231 9

    [ SLOW UPDATES ] When the Lee brothers move to Seoul, surely all of them have to start a new year at a new school. What if : Taeyong falls for the basketball captain that is way out of his league Mark and Yukhei become close, before starting to have feelings for each other Donghyuck just doesn't understand why Jaemin...

  • rice cake dates
    3.9K 428 20

    pizza sucks without you. © 2018 HYUCKHEI