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  • Broken Girls ||TVD Social Media||
    79.1K 1.5K 28

    In which Elaine tries to fix her broken heart caused by a Salvatore BOOK 2 (SEQUEL TO PRETTY GIRLS) ---------- Highest Ranks ---------- #10 in tvshowfanfic #11 in tvdfamily #14 in tvshow

  • SWEET CHOCOLATE d. salvatore
    39K 1.5K 29

    [SLOW UPDATES] in which kinsley parker, a.k.a sweet chocolate, gets instagram along with her friends from mystic falls, including damon who shamelessly flirts with her constantly. CO-WRITTEN by @-voidparker & @badicon disclaimer: we do not own the vampire diaries, we only own kinsley and kingsley parker and their plo...

  • Pretty Girls || TVD Social Media 儭
    341K 5.8K 50

    In which the gang of Mystic Falls find Elena and Jeremy's older sister Elaine on Instagram and won't leave her alone I DO NOT OWN THE VAMPIRE DAIRIES, I ONLY OWN ELAINE AND WHOEVER THE HELL ELSE I CREATE ---------- Highest Ranks ---------- #1 in tvdfamily #1 in tylerlockwood #2 in tvshowfanfics #4 in bonniebennet #5...

  • Here Comes The Sun Damon S.
    619K 13.7K 30

    Charlotte Buchanan is back in her hometown of Mystic Falls with a big secret. She has cancer and only six months to live. What happens when she moves in with the Salvatore brothers for those six months, but nobody know about her cancer, not even her best friends Caroline, Bonnie, and Elena? What happens when she slowl...

  • 凍抨E | T勰 脊抨唸背E 杷抨IE
    430K 12.7K 38

    Oh spaces between us Keep getting deeper It's harder to reach you Even though I try Spaces between us Hold all our secrets Leaving us speechless And I don't know why Who's gonna be the first to say goodbye? Who's gonna be the first one to comp...

  • Years // [klaus mikaelson] [sequel to Centuries]
    147K 3K 56

    The two hybrids that have been together since 1114 are back, and this time, they're remarried, and who knows what's going to come their way next. Part 2 of the 'Centuries Series' cover by @oberyns!!

  • Centuries // [klaus mikaelson]
    1M 20.4K 54

    In 1114 I met him. My Niklaus. I wasn't supposed to love him, but I did. I was supposed to love my betrothed- not Niklaus. When I was eighteen I met a vampire and fell in love. It wasn't possible, I told myself. I couldn't believe it. But then he showed me what he could do-- what he could do to people. Part 1 of the...

  • 劾拎攻返拎毋 | 拎 恫h休攻 攻
    732K 21.6K 44

    "Not everyone can be saved Rose! He doesn't deserve to be saved, not after everything he's done!" "People said the same thing about you, but that never stopped me. I didn't give up on you so I won't give up on him." "Maybe you should've listened. He'll be your destruction, and no one will be able to save you...

  • 休佞湘返喫, 蛤拎 痰h氣梗返喫 休返h喫返佞
    170K 5.6K 27

    "no mountain, nor sea, no thing of this world could keep us apart because this is not my world.... you are" First book in the Cleo Price series Season one of the vampire diaries Started 3/12/18 Finished 9/13/18

  • i'm not me || tvd [1]
    1.1M 33.1K 35

    儭 I'm Not Me || The Vampire Diaries 儭 "the evil hybrid or the psychotic maniac?" "the moral or the ripper?" A story about Imogen Avery, a girl who had lived for over more than a thousand years with the Mikaelsons. She's the girl who didn't abandoned Klaus even when he daggered her in a coffin for 90 years and would...

  • Crush // Ian Somerhalder
    2.6M 67.2K 196

    Model turned actress Skye Parker has had an amazing career. It's been one full of success, notoriety and fame. There is one huge thing missing though, someone to share it with. Who would have known that a harmless interview question on a late night chat show could change all that? Maybe her crush wasn't completely on...

  • Through Acting Nathaniel Buzolic
    71.3K 1K 50

    natebuzz commented 'Beautiful' natebuzz liked your photo. natebuzz followed you. natebuzz requested to DM you. Hazel Macy was an actress and a model. She knew Claire Holt for a long time and even worked with Phoebe Tonkin. Will she catch up with her old friends? Will she get attracted to a certain vampire star? After...

    Completed   Mature
  • Second Chance ~ Ian Somerhalder
    256K 4.8K 75

    "If I drive you crazy, then leave! Just go!" "I can't! No I won't! I lost you once, I won't do it again!" Life can be cruel. Life pulled them apart. Life will bring them back together. Life will give them a second chance. After many long years, two souls once so in love find their way back to each other. {SOCIAL...

  • Arianna Gilbert (Vampire Diaries)
    3.5M 76.6K 75

    Arianna Gilbert has felt like she's drowning ever since her parents died. People seem to think only her twin sister, Elena, is struggling. After all, Elena is the good twin. Arianna is just the fun one who always gets herself into trouble. People figure she can handle things by herself just fine. Can't she? But both g...

  • LOVE FOR ETERNITY || Kol Mikaelson love story ||
    285K 6.1K 101

    Kol and Natali met 1002 while his family was in France. But they got together again after hundred and plus years and were together for almost nine hundred years. Klaus didn't like them together so he took every chance to dagger Kol and to separate them. But what will happen when he is not in control anymore? Read to f...

  • Cousins // Social Media (TVD. Damon Fanfic)
    269K 5.3K 70

    Skylar Gilbert is @Skybaby She's Elena and Jeremy's cousin. She shares a birthday with Elena. Both of them are celebrating their 18th birthdays before senior year starts. Skylar is going to be attending Mystic Falls High School with her cousins and friends she's met over all her years living and visiting Mystic Falls...

  • instagram [p. wesley]
    674K 14K 50

    in which a girl who met paul wesley, posted it on instagram and he happens to stumble upon that picture. - [SOCIAL MEDIA] - lowercase intended. - completed/unedited

  • WOW - Ian Somerhalder
    201K 3.5K 38

    Previously known as "CALL ME MAYBE" Book 1 in social media series Highest Ranking : #16 in Paul Wesley #115 in Twitter #736 in fanfiction @ellawesley: This meanie won't take me to the set dressed like this! ( tagged; paulwesley ) @phoebetonkin: *_* @ellawesley @paulwesley: @phoebetonkin, babe...

  • Wrong Number {Nathaniel Buzolic}
    235K 5K 31

    finished - may 19, 2017 {SOCIAL MEDIA} In which Nate Buzolic drunk texts the wrong number and ends up with way more than he bargained for.

  • Subscribed // Ian Somerhalder
    85.8K 1.8K 32

    Ally Forbes is an up and coming youtube star. She has over 1 million subscribers from all around the world and she is starting to feel the effects of her new found fame. Fans, Paparazzi and most of all other celebs. What will Ally's new fame bring to the table?

  • Get It Together {Nathaniel Buzolic}
    551K 11.8K 68

    finished - may 13, 2017 {SOCIAL MEDIA} In which Nathaniel Buzolic and Daniel Gillies' baby sister kind of but not really accidentally fall for each other.

  • Survivor TVD Gif Series [1]
    486K 18.9K 137

    NO MORE REQUESTS For over a century I lived in secret, until now. I shouldn't have come home. I know the risk, but I had no choice. I have to know her. Why did you take the risk? Why? Because she looks like someone I used to know. A vampire twin? Doppelg瓣nger. A what? Doppelg瓣ng... Just keep watching! [t...

    Completed   Mature