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  • Small Town Girl.
    45 15 3

    Lovely cover made by @sad_masquerade "Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world." Elizabeth tries her hardest to make it in life. But with every turn she smacks right into a brick wall. She feels like there is no escape from the life she is living. She wishes to just be able to have an adventure, and to make i...

  • I'm Not Crazy
    9.2K 1.5K 52

    We are not the broken clichés you want us to be anymore. We have transcended beyond the "Good Girl ~ Bad Boy" boxes they tried to put us in. We are so far beyond all that now, that we are finally free of all those stereotypes. The story of us is not the usual cliche "good girl" meets "bad boy" that instantly fall in...

  • Miss Popular? (On Hold)
    60 24 7

    Cover Updated: 11/10/16 ~~~~ Miss Popular is based on an average teenage girl by the name of Sabrina. Sabrina wished for fame growing up. But needless to say she never got to become the most popular girl in middle school. Was it because she was a farm girl? Was it because she never tried to make friends? No those cant...

  • Blackdove: The Beginning
    540 76 16

    "The sky was as black as can be with a new moon and the beautiful stars twinkling as usual. It seemed like a peaceful night. Little did anyone know what was to happen under these beautiful lights. The night air blew my hair in my face as I sat on the roof watching for our target. I knew exactly what I was looking for...

  • A Modern Love Story
    203 34 1

    A one shot about the ways of love in 2016. All Rights Reserved. Feel free to vote, comment and share if you liked it! It would mean a lot to me! (Cover credit goes to @pizzazz ! Thank you so much <3)

  • The Mailbox Girl
    10.3K 928 38

    Jenn is an 18 years old high-schooler who has always been that "extra" in everyone's life. People didn't know who she was. They didn't care about her at all. Until one day she decides that she'll start being useful. Just like that, she creates the Mailbox Club. Hoping to collect and solve her classmate's complaint...

  • Thank You For Loving Me [Complete]
    15.9K 663 49

    Cover By @marinaobsessions _____________________ Thank You For Loving Me is a story about Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler. After Elliot left NYPD SVU Liv got really upset cause she was very close with him. He didn't even say goodbye. Maybe it was because of Kathy, Elliot's wife fault. Kathy would get so mad defiantly...

  • The Diary Of Jane | ✓ [DELETING]
    25.9K 3.9K 25

    "Kind of pathetic isn't it? To have your whole world crushed by this person you met a few months ago. A person you put all of your trust in. A person you love even when you don't want to." After having her heart broken, Jane starts writing diary as an escape and chance to find herself again. Highest ranking: #65 in SS...

  • What Is #ProjectProudWriters ?
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    Here you'll find all the useful informations you need to know about this campaign.

  • #EndRomanticizedAbuse
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    All about #EndRomanticizedAbuse

  • About #ProjectBadGirls
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    cover by @fallingtide

  • What is FreeYourVoice?
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    Have any questions about the campaign? Want to know more about it? Read here!

  • What We Are
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    Your personal handbook to guide you through.

  • Taylor Swift Oneshots(Requests Open)
    1.1K 161 23

    Welcome to Taylor's world! If you're a Swiftie follow me and vote this book right away! *fangirls!* BUT......even if you're not a Swiftie, believe me, this book will make you one. This is the ONE SHOT world of T.S. REQUESTS ARE OPEN. Warning: This book brings sweet trouble.

  • Hide Away
    45.2K 597 6

    I live by my rules. Rule #1: No dating clients. The reasons being it makes things complicated, I don't date (see rule 4), and most of my clients are rich douche bags or old enough to be my grandfather. Rule #2: Do not draw attention to yourself. You cannot be seen. You need to be invisible. Which means no photos...

  • The Exchange
    786K 23.4K 28

    Exchange (v.): 1. Hailey Brookes trades in her original summer plans to, instead, swap places with a family friend's young son and live at their suburban estate. Having just been dumped by her boyfriend Ben, her goal for the summer is to steer clear of guys - after all, she's in no rush to find a substitute relatio...