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  • Harry Styles: Essential Harry Styles Fanfic Reads
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    Some of my absolute favorite Harry Styles fanfic. Thought this would be cool for anyone who has recently fallen down the fanfic rabbit hole. I started reading Harry Wattpad fanfic in 2019 (yes I know, very late to the game 😳) and didn't know where to begin, so here are my suggestions on what to read and why. Also I w...

  • My Recommendations (Harry Styles Fanfiction)
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    This is a little Project of mine next to working a 7 to 5 Job, writing my own Fanfiction and reading Fanfictions like a maniac aswell. So bare with me if there are no regular updates on this. English is not my "mother tongue" so if there are any mistakes, I'm sorry and I'll try my best. I'd love to hear positive feed...

  • Interview Book (English)
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    Well , I do interviews I guess! Come on in! All Rights Reserved © magioula 2018

  • The Best Of Harry Styles
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    More reviews on Harry Styles Fanfiction PUBLISHED: October 3rd, 2018

  • Best Fanfictions!!
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    Ever get that frustration when you finish a book and you don't know what to read next so that's what I'm here for to try and make it easier for you , with a list of amazing fanfictions that everyone needs to read ❤ If you know that I already have read your Book and want me to put it in just ask and I will ❤

  • Best of the Undiscovered
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    Authors and avid readers have come together from all over the world to bring you the Best of the Undiscovered in One Direction fanfiction. In this book, you will find our recommendations and honest opinions regarding some of the greatest 1D books that we think deserve more recognition. Gorgeous cover by @HarryArt70. F...