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  • After Midnight- Baekhyun
    87.2K 3.2K 15

    The quiet guy in school that never talks intrigues you. You finally talk to him, but what dark secrets could he be hiding? Is he really what you think he is, or could he be something more sinister? ~I do not own any of the pictures~

  • Silent Confession (Mute!Jimin X Reader)
    41.8K 1.8K 8

    [Rewriting] You and Park Jimin has always had something for each other but the two of you had never held a proper conversation. Jimin, however, is determined to change it and make you his. ❗I SINCERELY APOLOGIZE IF THIS IS OFFENSIVE IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE❗

  • Blades of assassins (Hoseok X Reader)
    136K 7.5K 1

    For many years your clan has lived in peace, until your worst enemy appeared and changed all that. The koga clan. The day your village gets attacked your father forces you too leave with Hoseok your rival. Hoseok is the strongest assassin there is in your clan and your father raised him as his own son. You never liked...

  • • Soul • Xiumin x Reader •
    88K 3.7K 36

    (Y/N) has never been normal, but she wanted to be Her twin brother, D.O, and herself have always had something special. They can see ghosts. D.O learned to love his powers and help ghost who need his help, (Y/N) on the other hand has begun to ignore her powers. Worrying her friends. What happens when they meet a ghos...

  • Reverse | Luhan x reader
    39.1K 1.6K 43

    You are A normal school girl that would never fall in love with someone. Because you have never felt love. No one cares about you, your parents abandoned you and your grandparents took you in. Eighteen years old and living alone in an apartment. First day of your last year in high school. Would your heart beat for som...

  • She's My Angel (Luhan x Reader)
    223K 5.7K 24

    Your typical angel and human love story.

  • Lost in your eyes | Chen x reader (jongdae)
    26.3K 983 30

    One day you enter a new school. And meet this group of guys. One of the guys seems a troublemaker. But once you get to know him, you notice that he has this gentle side. Your eyes met with his. And that's where everything started to change... WARNING ⚠️ has smut parts! Year of writing: 2016-2017 (December-January)

    Completed   Mature
  • Jimin x Reader 《 Lies Beneath Our Skin 》
    255K 9.4K 42

    "why are you doing this to you self" "because no one cares" "but I do " 《warning short chapter》

  • Alive | Jaebum X Reader
    78.3K 3.1K 25

    "It hurts!" You screamed. "No one has to see this." You thought. "No one has to know..." "Am I even alive....?" WARNING ⚠️ Contains self harm etc! Year of writing: 2017 (April-July) ~Kpop award 2017: 1st position~

  • Never meant to be | Jaebum X Reader
    51.2K 1.8K 15

    What would you do when you meet that one person... But you are just... not meant to be? Year of writing: 2017 (June-July)

  • F R E S H ➾ bbh
    52.8K 2.1K 13

    baekhyun x reader Just when you thought that your heart had healed, just when you had thought you had become stronger, you fell into the same trap, the sweetness and the freshness of your best friend's smile. started: 11/9 - 2017 finished: 5/11 - 2017

  • Sugar & Ocean
    1.3M 99.3K 42

    "You should be careful, Y/N." Taehyung says, leaning forward and resting his elbows on his legs, tucking his chin into his palms. "He's the meanest son of a...mother who's ever lived." He shakes his head, sighing. "And he's the one who got you into this mess in the first place." You pat your best friend's knee comfort...

  • Winter (Jimin x Reader)
    706K 28.7K 39

    "Hi my name is Jimin and we've been next door neighbors at this apartment complex for almost two years but I just said hi because I heard you crying ugly last night- are you okay?" Completed October 30th, 1:34 a.m

  • The Bad Blind Date
    10M 359K 35

    "Kiss me." He choked on his drink, gawking over at you instantly, "HUH?!" "You know, mouth to mouth action, maybe a little tongue if you're lucky," you piped grinning smugly. He looked like he had just got hit so far up between his legs as his expression grew pained. "Please tell me you're joking," he said breathles...

  • Marriage of Royal Inconvenience [Jimin x Reader]
    1.4M 62.8K 77

    "Hold me for real... Just once." Prince Jimin needs to keep his younger brother away from the throne. There's only one way to do that: marry you. But marrying the famous Playboy Prince is more difficult than you imagined, and when his cousin - Prince Jungkook - tries to steal you away, the opportunity seems overwhelm...

  • Fooled | D.O x reader (kyungsoo) (DO)
    18.7K 683 14

    You are Do's best friend. And grew up with him. (Read if you want to know what happens next) Year of writing: 2017 (march- April)

  • BREAK IT! •Jimin x Reader•
    327K 14.9K 45

    "DRUMROLL! Miss (Y/N) is leading the way!" Jimin said, patting his thighs. "Jimin! This is not funny!" You said as you tried to figure out where you were through the map. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Jimin is trying his level best to impress you, when you get stuck with him on your vacation in Paris, Fran...

  • Your Touch
    769K 29.1K 53

    The reason for being afraid of people around me, of people touching me, even if it's only my hand, is the man we were supposed to call 'dad' aka Two teenagers with a childhood trauma get to know each other 28.03.18 ~ #305 in Fan-Fiction 06.05.18 ~ #602 in Fan-Fiction

    2M 83.7K 47

    When you're working as a waitress on a celebrity wedding only for a day just to gain money for your college ends up you being the bride of the famous producer.

  • A New Era of Heroes || BTS x Reader
    252K 13.4K 79

    BTS Superhero AU In a society where the term hero needs to be redefined by those who were least expected to do so. (A/n: The summary is super vague and makes no sense, but if that ain't me. Lots of drama in this! A different kind of drama from my last fanfic tho. Maybe. I don't know what I'm doing again but I'm havin...

  • Kill and Run | MYG x Reader ✓
    236K 7.7K 43

    ❝Shoot me, I dare you to.❞ [COMPLETED]

  • Hitlist | m.yg x reader
    227K 8.9K 68

    "You looked at what was inside the SD card, didn't you?" Soomi deadpanned, your best friend knew your natural curious nature all too well. "Hehehe you know me so well." You cheekily laughed before grinning, knowing exactly what sort of lecture was heading your way. "(Y/N) YOU KNOW YOU CAN'T LOOK THROUGH OTHER PHOTOGRA...

  • A Passion Beyond Labels || BTS Rap Line x Reader
    123K 8.8K 65

    How could they ever have anything in common when they're so different? A delinquent, a class president, and a popular boy. (A/n: I'm really struggling to make a summary that captures everything I want it to. Either way, I'm back after the long wait! Oml hope it's worth it.) Started: 4/21/2019 - Finished: 8/17/19 Word...