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  • Caminhos Cruzados // harry styles
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    [Fanfic de Harry Styles] Harry e Lizzie foram colegas na faculdade; não amigos, mas colegas. No entanto, já dez anos tinham passado desde que os seus caminhos tinham cruzado pela primeira vez e os dois levavam vidas muito diferentes. Ele era um cantor internacionalmente famoso, capa de revistas e de álbuns, e ela, por...

  • Yellow.
    3.1M 140K 95

    Harry is a single autistic father, ready to prove his love for his little daughter and willing to break the ableist stereotypes placed on him. This is a heartwarming story, following Harry's growth while making friends and finding love through a common love for comics and milkshakes. Book 1 - Coloured Series.

  • Suit & Tie (Harry Styles au) [REPOSTED]
    3.4M 65.3K 57

    Harry Styles. 24 years old. CEO. Self made millionaire. He's New York's most eligible bachelor. Every man and women within 100 miles knows his name. But no one recalled knows Harry. Norah Wilson. 22 years old. Fashion intern. Self proclaimed mess. She moved from a small town in North Carolina to pursue her dreams...

  • the boy of library // h.s.
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    people change.

  • Roommates [Harry Styles]
    11.2M 307K 31

    [COMPLETED] What would you do if your roommate was the person you hate the most? Amy now lives with her enemy. The one who broke her heart and she hated. The one and only, Harry Styles. © londonstars

  • Extinction
    821K 30.3K 16

    Humans are close to extinction. A group of men called 'Extincts' kidnap girls from the ages 16-35 and attempt to get them pregnant. When Violet turns 16 she knows she needs to be careful, Extincts are everywhere, always looking for their newest victim. Violet's only problem is... the Extincts are already after her. *1...

  • The Queen (Harry Styles)
    1.6M 71.6K 54

    Book #2 in The Kingdom of Ula Series King Harry and Princess Emerald's love story continues as they begin their lives as husband and wife. This follows their journey as they settle into being Ula's rulers, husband and wife, and learning the ropes of life in general.

  • hospice → styles
    23.2K 1.7K 11

    [HARRY STYLES AU: COMPLETE] uma história onde um lugar que abriga doentes mentais não impediu Merina de se apaixonar. copyright amezain © all rights reserved.

  • P.S. I Hate You (Harry Styles)
    117M 1.6M 77

    "Harry. Come over tonight?" "I can't.. I was sleeping." He said, slightly annoyed that I called him up at like 3 in the morning. "Please." I rolled my eyes. I waited for a response, as I could hear shuffling at the other end of a line. "Do you want to have sex tonight?" I smiled, biting my lip. "Pleasure to." He...

  • My Boss' Son
    30M 587K 88

    'Not once did I think would end up in a stupid supermarket buying condoms for my boss's son!' ... Ella Lane became the personal assistant of one of the worlds most respectable business men as soon as she graduated high school, though she didn't know the extra baggage that would come with the job being his son, Harry S...

  • Poison ⚡ |H.S|
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    "Uma vida sem desafios não vale a pena ser vivida."- Sócrates

  • Photographer || h.s. (editar)
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    "We accept the love we think we deserve." All Rights Reserved © copyrigth 2014 vodkahxrry

  • The Keeper | h.s. {slow-updates}
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    ❝ Esta porcaria toda vai sair daqui, quer queiras ou não. ❞ ❝ Só por cima do meu cadáver. ❞ All rights reserved Copyright © | Steps_Of_A_Dance | The Keeper

  • Save Yoυ △ |h.s|
    2.8M 114K 116

    ❝ Se os nossos segredos fossem iguais eu dir-te-ia que somos a mesma pessoa. Porque no fundo os nossos segredos distinguem-nos uns dos outros. Mas não se trata apenas de segredos pois não? Trata-se de honra, de fidelidade, confiança, sentimentos. Trata-se de amor. Se eu pudesse escolher fá-lo-ia exactamente igual, por...

  • Pretend it's ok | h.s
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    Pretend It's Ok é a história de uma jovem, solteira, e mãe de uma bebé de ano e meio. Foi abandonada pelo namorado e pela sua família quando souberam da gravidez. Será que o aparecimento de Harry vai mudar a sua vida? © Copyright 2013. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modif...

  • Blurred // harry styles
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    "Pode ser que um dia deixemos de nos falar... Mas, enquanto houver amizade, Faremos as pazes de novo. Pode ser que um dia o tempo passe... Mas, se a amizade permanecer, Um de outro se há-de lembrar. Pode ser que um dia nos afastemos... Mas, se formos amigos de verdade, A amizade nos reaproximará. Pode ser que...

  • If I Fall (GirlXGirl)
    9.6M 291K 43

    ***GirlXGirl Romance*** Living in New York you learn to keep up with the quick pace of the city, myself included. I was never the one to stop and smell the roses, but that was until I met her on that dull September afternoon. Her eyes were light and dark at the same time, as if a devil and an angel lived inside of her...