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  • He's Different
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    Jack was born deaf. Nobody understands, but he wouldn't change that about him even if he had a chance to. Jack's parents forced him to go to a hearing school thinking it'll make him more "normal". It's bad enough he has to read lips, now he's going to be stuck in a school with ignorant little shits who don't understan...

  • The Odd Soulmate (Septiplier One-Shot Collab)
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    ~A One-Shot collab with the amazingly talented CardboredProductions, first place winner in my One-Shot/Story Competition for their awesome story "Love, Mark"~ No one knows why the words are there. Everyone just has sentences etched onto their forearm. They've been there since anyone can remember. These words, when spo...

  • Risen From The Ashes (Discontinued)
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    Jack is in a heavy metal band in high school, but nobody knows their band. When they do their first performance only one person showed up. Little did they know that one person would be the start of their entire career. Mark helps their band become famous, and a relationship blossoms between Mark and Jack. But what hap...

  • Colors (Septiplier)
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    Follow a rollercoaster of events as Jack and Mark go through a little thing called life. Love, romance, tears, laughter, joy, sadness... All of these things will fill this short book. Go on an emotional journey where these two lovers experience the colors of life. Just read it. It'll be great! XD

  • Strictly Prohibited (Septiplier Student X Teacher)
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    Sean struggled through life trying to find a job, and make money. He found a college to go to, to study Hotel Management. He joined college late. He was bullied by most kids, even though he was 26. He fell for his professor, Mr. Mark Fischbach. They knew Student Teacher relationships were strictly prohibited, but that...

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  • Schizophrenia (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
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    (( I may never get back to publishing this fully!! it doesn't make any sense and is awful, so I may just leave it at chapter six tbh \: I'm sorry)) TERRIBLY WRITTEN, OLD STORY OF MINE. (bear in mind, I wrote this when I was a child, so it's super cringey, and also very confusing oops). WARNING 1: I do NOT have schizop...