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  • Beastly
    335K 13.1K 15

    They call him "The Beast". Condemned him to a life of solitude. His only friend, his mind. His only enemy, himself. They call her...his beauty.

  • Omerta- Book I (Winner of the 2015 People's Choice Award)
    50.4M 1.6M 79

    VENDETTA SERIES TRAILER: * * * Omertà- noun (as practiced by the Mafia) a code of silence about criminal activity and a refusal to give evidence to authorities. Scarlett moves into her new apartment with the mentality that she will start fresh and rule her own life...

  • Moon, Bitten
    2.6M 108K 37

    Ronan Morrissey is Alpha of his loup-garou pack and as Alpha the laws of Feral demand he take a mate, but a chance encounter with the beautiful and haunted Kate Channing has awakened in him a carnal hunger warranted forbidden, but he can think of nothing else than the lovely human that appealed to the beast within and...

  • Apollo
    275K 12.8K 8

    All Rights Reserved | (re-written version) After bodies start ominously dropping all across the country, packs become fed up with the constant killings. Nobody has any idea how it's happening, and the unknown assailant is relentless. Picking on lost pups, pregnant she-wolves and even the strongest of pack warri...

    114K 5.5K 6

    He was created to rule, trained to kill, and never forgets the ones who cross him. Lennox Armstrong is on the forefront of the war between his past and his present. With enemies he thought were long forgotten kicking up dirt, his abandoned mate, Schuyler Bradshaw, begins to play with fire in Bishop. The Alpha promised...

  • The Wolf Baby
    25.9M 717K 66

    Nina Michaels was only a few months away from graduating University when she found out she's pregnant due to a one night stand. Trying to do what's best for her baby she contacts the man who impregnated her and decides to tell him about the baby. Nina is relived when he does accept that he is the father of the child g...

  • Billion Dollar Contract (Editing Current Chapters)
    1M 25.2K 25

    Sinclair Simmons is your average twenty three year old with a dream. As an aspiring fashion designer, she must be willing to sacrifice everything to meet her goals. But a will Vane Hanson have a deal that will flip her entire world upside down? Vane Hanson is looking for a woman to have his baby, so that he wil...

  • The Vampire and the Wolf (EDITING!!)
    1.3M 35.4K 21

    Vampires and werewolves just don't mix. Everyone knows that. But what happens when a murderous vampire and an abused Alpha find the word "Soul Mate" associated between them? Seventeen year old vampire, Haleigh Glory, is very different from the other vampires and she knew that, with her unusual golden hair. The werewo...

  • Drop Dead Gorgeous (YoungWritersPrize)
    7.1M 154K 33

    The heavy droplets of rain were slowly slipping down the hood of his leather jacket and a few effortlessly kissed his dark chocolate hair. »H…Hi.« I sputtered. »What do you have there?« He walked closer to me and gazzed into my eyes with his dark ones, that perfectly matched his hair, then lowered his sight towards...

  • The Donafrio Donor (18+ Only) [COMPLETED]
    9.6M 244K 14

    [Edited] "You had to be extremely low on cash to wank into a cup for it," Dani sneered, feeling like a vindictive bully in a playground. But Carlo deserved it. She felt the first sharp stab of fear that went through her heart when Carlo looked at her with thunder in his eyes. "What are you going to do now? Kill me?" s...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Bad Boy's.....What?
    11.1M 263K 38

    I don't know how it happened. One minute I'm living an extremely lonely life and all it takes is getting lost to change all of that. But, change is good, right? Yeah, if you take the fact that I was entrusted with the most adorable little girl as good. Throw in a reunion with a twin brother that I haven't s...

  • The Bad Boy's Dancer
    7M 19.9K 5

    [THE REWRITTEN VERSION AS OF 2017] Flo is struggling to get over the death of her parents, seven months ago. Her life is turned upside, and she struggles to make sense of the world, having the most important people taken away from her. Dealing with stresses of school, friends and her grief, it all becomes too much for...

  • His Ranch
    1.9M 71K 38

    Flannery Moore decides to take a year off of college and put her ambitions to be a voice teacher on hold to stay home amd keep her parents marraige from falling apart. Instead, she ends up in a relationship that ends in pregnancy. After getting kicked out of her home, she looks to a wonderful nurse who acts as a guard...

    Completed   Mature
    2.3M 45.2K 31

    GOING TO PUBLICATION SEPT 13/2014 When Abigail Redding comes home from College for the summer, Colten Turner's seemingly simple existence is all of sudden thrown into the complicated. Where he is finally forced to not only deal with but also fight his growing fondness for the beautiful Abigail and in consequence - lay...

    9.2M 190K 99

    "It was then my mother was set on fire." When Beatrice stumbles upon a crazed man in the forest she barely gets away with her life. Unable to convince anyone of his presence, she tries not to go anywhere near him again but that seems impossible when unfortunate situations arise and feelings change. Her life had alway...

  • Wise Men
    197K 2.6K 19

    Two college students, Christian Reinhardt and Revelin Lesage find their lives upended when they witness the rape and murder of a fellow classmate. When the police refuse to continue their investigation due to the nature of their suspect, Revelin takes the moral degradation of his city into his own hands. Now Featured...

  • Demise (Completed For Contest)
    11.6K 422 10

    In Death there is a Choice.

  • Purgatory (Part One of the Purgatory Series)
    308K 17.9K 29

    Alethea has always been awkward - eccentric, even. On a typical day she spends her time cloistered inside a tiny apartment hiding from the world she doesn't really understand. When her therapist encourages her to push herself outside her comfort zone, Thea makes an ill-fated trip into the city. Even though her therapi...

  • Meeting Ellie
    20.4M 52.3K 5

    !!!!STORY MOVED TO AMAZON EBOOKS~ ONLY 4 CHAPTERS AVAILABLE!!!!Ellie Coleman comes from the poor side of town. When she becomes best friends with Knox Hendrix, quarterback at Ole Miss and the pride of Stanford her life changes. Used to being ignored by the town and her parents she finds herself opening up to Knox and...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fate - A Death's Door Writing Competition
    2.8K 63 7

    "I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul." William Ernest Henly © 2014 heavenlyrunes

  • Curse Of The Gods
    2.9K 125 6

    Katheryn Mira's is nothing special. Her little part time job at her local library, two amazing parents, are more than enough for her. Everything is good Except for the dreams. Winged horses, men and women of immense power and beauty, war and tremendous battles, lighting, a three headed beast, and bright emerald eyes...

  • Monsters Underneath Our Bed
    72.2K 2.4K 1

    "We stopped looking for the monsters under our beds after we realized they were us along." Werewolves have taken over the world- and with it a game that can transfer Ember's life into a living hell. Ever since her mother was taken away the first year of the werewolves reign, she's been left to fend for herself. The o...

  • Death Is My Soul Mate (Book 5) *ON HOLD*
    2.5M 93.7K 11

    Please understand that due to Death Is My BFF getting published, the original series is on hold!

  • Death Is My BFFLAD (Book two)
    7M 268K 24

    (Bfflad- Best friends for life and death) Dear Reader, Let's start at the beginning shall we? I died. Oh no, not one of these stories again where someone angelic and heroic saves the damsel in distress. If only I was that lucky. My heart stopped beating. My lungs stopped working, my soul began to lift away... And then...

  • Death Is My Frenemy (Book Three)
    5.5M 208K 22

    Dear Reader, It hadn't hit me right away, many things, but especially the fact that I was about to turn twenty years old. It was as if it was just yesterday that I was learning how to make a peanut butter sandwiches, tie my shoes, and draw endlessly with fat crayons--which I thoroughly believed to be a masterpiece. It...

  • Death Is My Friend with Benefits (Book Four - WA Winner 2013)
    6.1M 223K 24

    My Watty Awards 2013 Winner! The fourth installment of the DIMBFF series continues the thrilling journey of a young woman, Faith Williams, battling for her life, and the Angel of Death dragging her further into his world. *** My writing page! Please join! <3

  • Death Is My BFF (Book 1 - Watty Award Winner 2011) *ORIGINAL SERIES*
    20.5M 706K 53

    This is the first book of the Original Death Is My BFF Series, which has been OPTIONED BY SONY PICTURES TV (YAY) and won the Watty Awards in 2011! *** Death came knocking at her door. Well actually, he pounded. Faith Williams has always been a little odd, but never before did she think she was one of a kind. Enter Dea...

  • Rejected by my own (Being Edited)
    2.4M 40.2K 32

    Alyssa's parents died when she was little and her brother Dylan blamed her for it so he used his authority in the pack as future beta and told everyone that they were supposed to treat her like the runt of her pack. After that nothing was the same she was bullied by everyone at school and most of the adults, sh...

  • Being Loved By A Monster (Editing)
    2.6M 58.7K 33

    For fifteen years now Werewolves have been known to man, well they've literally taken over. You could say the humans didn't take their existence very well. After 'The War' towns, cities and districts have been divided into territories that would house a pack lead by an Alpha. A person with power who should be obeyed...

  • The Duke's Wife {Wallflower #1}
    3.1M 90.2K 43

    When the Hemmingway's go into debt, their only hope out of their dilemma is their daughter, Rhea. Rhea realizes the situation and immediately agrees to help her parents. But marriage? Not what she hoped for, especially when she had become known to the ton as a Wallflower. When it comes time for Rhea to meet her future...