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  • Through the Storm
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    bible verses, godly advice, and small positive blurbs to help anyone out who is lost, confused, or hurting.

  • From a Christian Girl's Perspective
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    FROM A CHRISTIAN GIRL'S PERSPECTIVE "The internet can be used as our voice and writing this book is an opportunity for me to share my beliefs to others and fulfill my purpose of making disciples and glorifying God."-Marielle Hey! You came across this book not by accident but by His will. Whether you're curious about C...

  • ✝ Verses of the Day ✝
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    I will post everyday, a verse and maybe a little reflection about that verse. My goal with this book, is to help people, even though I certainly don't know them, or anything about their life, but to reach out to them and lend them a hand in their time of need and that one of these verses from the bible may help that c...

  • Jesus Christ For Life
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    This is a personal story of my encounter with Jesus Christ, based on true events. It is truly inspirational and will also help you to get closer to Christ and increase your faith in Him. All glory to my God for helping me with this book! With beautiful verses from the Holy Bible and motivating prayers, this book will...