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  • Tokyo Ghoul Love Story
    42.2K 923 8

    A Kaneki and Touka love story. There are no ghouls in this! This is just a story of my fantasies! Don't mind me! XD

  • Sword Art Online:The Beginning
    10.3K 204 14

    A new VR game has been released called Sword Art Online. Little does everyone know it ends up being a death trap. Will someone rise up to beat all 100 floors? Find out here! Pairings: Kirito/Sinon, Klein/Lisbeth and some minor ones I'll figure out later on.

  • Who Would've Expected
    94.1K 4.4K 16

    Taken in and raised by the Tsukiyama family, you grew up in a loving environment and was privileged to experience the finer things in life. It was one fateful day when you met him, the kind soul who saved your life and stole your heart. However, you're a ghoul and he's an Investigator, who would've expected? {Cover by...