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  • Meow~
    142K 7K 39

    Completed   Mature
  • Deidara's Love ~ The Soft Side of the Akatsuki (Deidara x OC)
    148K 5.1K 40

    Yukari Watanabe is a shinobi decorated in tragedy. For as long as she can remember, she has called Yumegakure, the Village Hidden Among Dreams, home. She spends her days alone, isolated, training to no end to achieve powers that rival that of a legend. But it takes all she can do to bear the hatred the Hidden Village...

    Completed   Mature
  • True Art (Deidara x Reader)
    5K 241 1

  • [Deidara x Reader] Smile One-Shot
    5.8K 135 1

  • Deidara's Diary
    769K 42K 90

    Deidara gets to know the other members of Akatsuki and writes about it in his diary. Crack fic. Plotless, don't go looking for one.

  • Deidara's Note
    5.8K 239 11

    When the Akatsuki add another female member to there 'club', she starts to have feelings for someone. But will Sasori steal her heart first? *My OC plays the girl part, just a heads up* Deidara fanfic PG 13,

  • Sketchbook [Deidara]
    45.3K 2.8K 12

    A gift from one artist to another. Deidara finds Rina in the forest, drawing pictures of blood. However, she wasn't just any ordinary artist. Languages available: -English (ORIGINAL - @ayabean) -Spanish (@la_pija_de_Bakugou)

  • Deidara my love
    70.8K 992 13

    Basically this is a story of a girl who is taken into the Akatsuki clan and ends up falling for Deidara. WARNING: there are some mature scenes. DISCLAIMER: I only own Yuuki and Samantha everyone else belongs to the creator of Naruto. Enjoy, Vote, comment.