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  • Toradora Drama
    14.9K 356 18

    *****[!SPOILER ALERT!]***** *****IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED "Toradora" WATCH IT BEFORE READING THIS! THIS WILL MAKE SENSE IF YOU WATCH/READ THE ANIME/MANGA***** Taiga transfers high schools, and Ryuuji has finally made a move. What will they do now? (This takes place ***AFTER*** the LAST EPISODE of the *****ANI...

  • DRAMAtical Murder (Kids) X Reader
    32.3K 790 12

    You as either a mother or a child, met the DMMd character and live with them until you grew up or became the character's new family. You alone is responsible for the finding of this character, can you do it?

  • DRAMAtical Murder
    15.8K 331 4

    Warning this story contains some sexual content! If you don't like yaoi animes or mangas then don't read this! If you're a FUJOSHI like me then go ahead and read it!!!!! But don't read if you've never heard of Dramatical Murder! Ps. OTAKUS FOR LIFE ^_^

  • DRAMAtical Murder Randomness
    38.6K 1.5K 12

    Guys just wanna have fun. Yeah, pretty much explains everything. Introducing you to life; DRAMAtical Murder Randomness! Characters and media (images, music, etc.) belong to their respective owners. All content that is written in this book came from ideas in my head and through inspiration.

  • Dramatical Murder (AobaxNoiz) OneShot
    9.4K 345 1

    Real quick fluff I guess..? ( I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING LEL~) This is my first time so please bear with me if its horrible, but I have confidence!! I hope you enjoy it x) EDIT: holy shit you guys I wrote this like 4 years ago and I'm still getting votes!! I'm glad to see this fandom is still alive it makes me want...

  • Anime Pick Up Lines {Slow Updates}
    67.9K 1.9K 90

    The chapters are in alphabetical order and separated for girls and guys. The best pickup line book for anime characters! Warning: Some of these are very, very perverted, so beware! These aren't even pickup lines anymore, they're perverted things anime characters could say. -.- Lines may be OOC. Go ahead and request an...

  • The Closet (Ouran High School Host Club Oneshot) [HikaruxKaoru]
    3.3K 102 1

    Disclaimer: I do NOT own the characters in this book, nor do I own the anime ect. It belongs to the amazing maker of the anime. Kaoru has been holding in his feelings for his twin brother, Hikaru. After a huge fight, a confession, and a trip to the hospital, will Kaoru be able to handle the heartbreak of being alon...

  • Ouran Highschool Host Club (Kaoru x Hikaru)
    33.5K 866 1

    Kaoru and Hikaru have always been intimate during school. Can they actually learn to Love each other OUTSIDE of the Host Club? Or will they just be each others toys?.....

  • a forbidden heart ( hikaru x kaoru ) COMPLETED
    80.8K 3.1K 6

    Kaoru discovers forbidden love.

  • Accidental love
    472K 18K 15

    Reader x Kyoya ) requested by someone )Tamaki the leader of the host club decided that the host club should not only cater to girls but to guys as well this they hunted for a girl that was popular and willing to help them achieve this goal but what happens when you were picked to enter the host club? What adventures l...