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  • The Caramel Hair Nerd
    1.8M 47.2K 31

    As soon as I entered my room I was slammed against a wall beside my door. A whimper escaped my lips due to pain in my back. There was no need to look who it was I knew his cologne it smells like fresh soil in forest after rain. His smell just hypnotises me. His hands were on either sides of my head,trapp...

  • The Divine Physician's Overbearing Wife
    77.8K 2.3K 117

    Feng Ruqing was a spoiled princess with a hideous countenance in Liu Yun Kingdom. She used to ride roughshod over anyone who stood in her way, backed by her father the emperor who loved her with all his heart. Not only did she force the chancellor's son to marry her by breaking the existing loving couple up, but her...

  • My Handsome Boss
    30.1K 1.7K 28

    The love story about mad boss with his cute secretary

  • Devil's wife-his Only Obsession(Completed)✔️
    6.2K 304 9

    Highest ranking: #3 on obsessivecompulsivedisorder(25 August 2019) He leans to kiss her but she averts her face,"I can't do this." He gets angry. He grabs her hair,"Why? because I am not Rahul ? That's why?Or I cannot please you like him?" Aditi's eyes widens in shock and fear,"What are you saying..?" He suddenly pins...

  • She Becomes A Passive Villainess-NOT!
    1.7M 76K 123

    Falling into the fiery hell she created must've been the perfect way for her to die. The other woman would then become the heroine that saved the town's people from the mad queen that burnt half of the population down and the duke would become the hero that protected the heroine. They would then be wed and have little...

  • Falling in LOVE after Marriage
    754K 24.2K 65

    #1 ranking in #Tamil #1 ranking in #Watty2019 #1 ranking in #India #31 ranking in #Life #5 ranking in #Indian #1 ranking in #Anushka This story is about two middle-class Tamil people. Prabhu and Janaki. Prabhu - A 24 years old good Tamil man, who respects his parents. He is kind & loving. He is working in a big...

  • His Promise
    867K 22.2K 85

    They say an innocent heart is the best in the world. They say those who have an innocent heart are lucky For me, it's a curse, because everyone uses it and plays with it, as they please. They play with me and take advantage of it And my naive innocent heart allows it. ___________________ " N-No No!! Don't ,don't Leav...

  • Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning the Heavens!
    131K 4.2K 92

    She is a descendant of an Ancient Chinese Aristocratic family. Having just transmigrated into a young lady's body filled with aphrodisiacs, she had no choice but to pounce at a random man upon arrival. Unexpectedly, not only did she get caught red handed, she's also pregnant with child before marriage. In the end, the...

  • Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss. Book 2
    205K 7.1K 31

    Not mine. It's a story by Shan Gumu. Starting at chapter 300. (1 part 5 chapter). Book 1 look at my page. She was the Fifth Young Miss of the revered General's Residence, but was seen to be useless as trash. Promiscuous and flirtatious to a fault, she was finally killed by mistake under the hands of the attendants...

  • Give Me A Second Chance |✔️|
    895K 24K 57

    Riya and Kayish were madly in love, so deeply that everyone believed that they would end up in a happy married life. That's how much he loved her. He was very possessive of his property, especially when it comes to his girl. On the other hand, Riya was blindly in love with him. She left her parents because of him, she...

  • Unwanted Forced Wife
    492K 20.2K 17

    (Unwanted series#1) Ever heard of any unwanted person? Ever? Aziya was also one of them, an unwanted. No one wanted her. She was an unwanted daughter, unwanted sister and an unwanted forced wife. Her life was full of problems and bumpy paths. Ever heard of cold hearted man? Ever? Murat was also one of them. A cold he...

    19.5K 976 52

    As you all are well known with my story His revenge changed my life; this story is sequel of the book, next generation story. Story is about Purvi and her lover Shaksham whom she tried hard to deny about her feelings. Will she ever be able to spill the beans and confess her love for Shaksham?

    Completed   Mature
    602K 22.1K 36

    Highest rank - #4 in general fiction on 29/09/2016

  • beautiful revenge
    334K 10.5K 45

    what happens when you fall in love with someone who doesnt love u back but you are determined to get him by hook or crook .... ruhina laura beautiful and gorgeous age 22 with black and beautiful eyes black wild hair fair complexion is married to a man who thinks is in love with someone what will she do to get back hi...

  • tears of pain
    157K 10.5K 38

    .This story continued after shivaay vow to take a revenge from anika after pinky accident.

  • President Daddy Super Awesome
    605K 14.9K 78

    In order to take away her father's shares, her husband colluded with her bestfriend to set her up. A divorce was thrown at her face and she was forced out of the house. Four years later, she returned with an adorable treasure. With his hands wrapped around her waist, her baby son said, "Mommy, I heard that it's the t...

  • The Rest Of My Life Is For You [Volume 2]
    111K 2.6K 37

    ...Please read the volume 1 before reading this... Yu Yuehan is the usual rich, perfect, aloof president-the richest man in City H; but one day, a female toddler suddenly appears in his life as his daughter! Despite being certain that he has never touched a woman before, DNA tests certify that the toddler is his! He...

  • The Rest Of My Life Is For You [Volume 1]
    152K 3.9K 84

    Yu Yuehan is the usual rich, perfect, aloof president-the richest man in City H; but one day, a female toddler suddenly appears in his life as his daughter! Despite being certain that he has never touched a woman before, DNA tests certify that the toddler is his! He soon becomes a good 'daddi' for the little toddler...

  • Replaced Wife (Billionaire's Wife Series #1)
    206K 6.1K 34

    kiara a girl liam never seen but only heard from her wife about being her twin sister. she was just as beautiful as his girl what happens when he finally come face to face with her at the funeral of his wife adjoining with his in laws. his child who is only two get involved with her eventually and thinks him as her mo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mariano (Made Men #1)
    5.6M 165K 54

    COMPLETED Isabelle Forte witnessed a murder, and was led straight into the arms of Mariano Rivera, acting boss of the Italian Mafia. With him, she further ventures into a world of love, honor, violence, and betrayal. The dominating, possessive man may fix her. Or break her all over again. MATURE CONTENT.

  • Revenge Sevenfold
    4.4M 144K 201

    [COMPLETED] "I want to run away from everything." Something clicked around her wrist, and Hui Yin looked down in surprise as Lu Shen bound their wrists together with handcuffs. "If you want to run away, take me with you," he said, his eyes dark. She was bullied, tricked, made fun of, and even killed. She thought he lo...

  • Mrs Single
    174K 10.6K 30

    The course of life is unpredictable and so is marriage. "Marriage is union of two souls" said my granny and yes marriage is union of two incompatible individuals. "Marriage is an licence for official sex" said my frustrated divorced aunt and yes it is. "Marriage is a travel to the destination with our partner" Yes m...

  • Billionaire's Tainted Love
    266K 10.6K 30

    ✨ She is vulnerable like most other innocent souls but she is also wild and carefree and she can handle a few more scars. ✨ ♥️ Sara and Sierra are twin, same looks same hair but different eye colors.Sierra has her teal coloured eyes just like her mother which are hidden behind the contact lenses she is forced to w...

  • All Of Me Belongs To You
    188K 11K 39

    An Arnav Khushi fanfic - There are so many sides of him... There are too many shades of him.. Will he be able to give his all to her..? Will she even accepts all of him..? (A/N: This story may resemble a Korean series named 'Kill Me Heal Me')

  • Need a Little Love
    123K 4.5K 43

    Esperonza Hollister, a twenty one year old college graduate with a bachelor degree in business. Esperonza also known by Ronza, struggles to forget about her awful past as she tries to find a new living for herself. With her walls built up, she finally got hired in the richest company in the island. There, she once aga...

  • The Lost Princess (SLOW UPDATES)
    95.3K 2.8K 13

    |#293 in romance 4/7/17| Katherine, A 22 year old girl, kind, smart , and beautiful. She never experienced lavishness in her life. Having dreams were the first thing that happens to her of being a princess. Little did she know that she is the princess of Georgia and engaged to a cold arrogant beast. Michael, 24 year o...

  • OBSESSED LOVE (Slowly Editing)
    790K 24.7K 57

    He swallowed, suddenly getting sweaty. "You have no clue how a child is made?" his tone stupefied as he asked. She nodded. His eyes widened. "How old are you?" Her brows arched up at him. "Twenty four. How has that got to relate to the topic on the ground? ...

  • Broken Strings
    2.4M 92.6K 50

    Anisha Hayes stayed in a broken marriage for fourteen years, just so she could give her children the family she had always desired. It wasn't the easiest decision. It wasn't the right decision. And now, five months ago, she got a letter. A letter that promised to set her free of the pain she'd suffered her entire life.

  • His Brooding Stare.
    176K 5.9K 19

    Do you ever get this strange sense you're being watched? Like this restless feeling that slowly engulfs your body, weighing you down like an anchor. That's exactly how I felt inside the bookstore that day before I met a pair of dark brooding eyes, causing my pile of books to tumble out of my arms and onto the ground...

    371K 10.7K 42

    "I'll never allow someone to touch what is mine, what is mine-is always mine!" shouted Mr. Angry Bird, of course the great Adonis Johnson! I was beyond shocked I heard a door lock sound which brought me back to my senses. I opened my mouth to say something; before I say anything this arrogant, idiotic, rude man of co...