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  • April Showers
    10.6K 445 28

    "Describe April. What is she like?" "Describing her is like trying to understand the your purpose in life, you know. I never could really tell anyone how she was because I couldn't technically believe she was real. April James is anything most have never seen." The therapist turned his attention to the next man dresse...

  • The Art of Loving You
    3.6K 152 11

    There is an art to loving someone. This fine art has been lost a long time ago, but these two have found it. With crumpled paper and broken pens, their story is written. Love is at the center, because it is not perfect or without judgment, but it is real. Real is better than being beautifully fake any day. It walks b...

  • The Secret Life of a Toilet Dweller
    159K 4.8K 37

    Follow Satiah through her college life as she battles to tear herself away from the toilet cubicles and into the real world, stumbling through trying to find her sexuality and herself. **Mature content + mention of depression and self-harming.

  • Sidechick Syndrome
    589K 16K 15

    Sidechick Syn·dro·me 1. A female who is use to being second or at a lower position in her partner(s) heart. 2. One who feels she is not worthy of love to the fullest potential. "Man my jump-off is crazy! I think she got sidechick syndrome." Synonyms: Low morals, secret texting/calling, excessive crying, dreaming at ni...

  • C.A.K.E
    111K 3.4K 35

    Casper and Arden are drawn to each other at first touch. She gets all of his jokes. He brings out the fire in her. In a word, they're perfect for each other. There's one problem, though. They are married to other people . . .

  • macchiato blues. // obj
    8.4K 376 7

    a tale of how miss mocha's world is turned upside down by a rather particular kind of stranger. right away, it's clear as day he's the one. one syllable leaves his lips and she's transfixed by the molasses in his speech - he isn't from around here, that's for damn sure - and the warm georgia sunshine in his eyes tha...

  • Perpetuity (August Alsina)
    826K 50.7K 55

    Head full of hair, mind full of thoughts, flat footed when she walks. Quiet, but outspoken, mediocre but extraordinary, simple but complex. Crisp hair line, mind full of thoughts, a certain swagger in his walk. Outspoken, but reserved, sarcastic but sincere, coward, but brave. God bless the black kids still true to...

    213K 2.9K 10

    Meet Frankie. Stubborn. Headstrong. Awkward. Born to a family with an affinity for basketball, everyone expects her to be a rough and tumble tomboy. She isn't. Nor is she girly. In fact, Frankie isn't quite sure where she fits in. Most days she feels like she's blowing in the wind, but she'll never admit it. With thre...

  • Playin' for her Heart {SAMPLE ONLY}
    669K 4.7K 9

    (Formally Playing Hard to Get) Working for your father has its advantages, especially when he owns a multi-million-dollar company. But those perks only help when he knows you exist. When Khalil Campbell landed a job at Brooks & Thompson Publications, he had one idea in mind, confront his absentee father, Lawrence Broo...

  • fade to gray (frank ocean)
    26.8K 1.6K 18

    if you could define life by color, life before Him was kinda pale. the days were pretty and pink, but there was no warmth to give it vibrancy or nothing. every day was basically the same and exhaustingly boring. His arrival brought not only new colors and vibrancy, but meaning to the ones i'd already known. i loved i...

  • Tattooed Hearts
    160K 8.2K 35

    Arosemena Cruz is the picture of perfection. Poised, graceful, and never a hair out of place. With a 4.0 GPA, and years of formal training, she's a shoe in for Julliard. There's only one problem: Prima Ballerina isn't something she's in a hurry to add to her list of accolades. With her mother pulling the strings, some...

  • Excuse Me, First Love
    2M 19.5K 11

    *** #Wattys2015 Award Winner *** NOW PUBLISHED!!! A College Daze Romance ~ Book One ~ Three years ago Gabrielle Tanner was in love, but fear of rejection kept her silent. How could she tell her best friend that he'd stolen her heart? Especially when their friendship was coming to an end. Three years ago Jayson Adam...