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  • shitposting || the revival
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    oh my god

  • art book
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    cus i'm in my drawing week so have some draws maybe

  • Artwork (3?)
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  • My (Trashy) Art Book!!!
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    This is my art some of them kinda have a bit problem but don't judge me !!!! And also DON'T STEAL MY ART or else I'll shoot my discharge moves to everyone !!!

  • Normal // A Ticci Toby x Reader Story
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    Ehhhhh I'll write a description later

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    h e y

  • My Crappy Art
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    sooooo, people are doing it and I am out of ideas of what the flip to do sooo I wanted to do this book about my very crappy art

  • She's Mine. (Creepypasta x Reader Fanfiction)
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    My name is Y/N, and I guess you can say I'm not normal. I met Slenderman one day, while running through the woods, and since then my whole world changed. The reason I'm not normal is because of what happened just a few weeks after I became a pasta. I find out who I really am, and who I love. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Bonely Love (Sans X Reader)
    34K 764 18

    Monsters are finally free to roam above the underground! After splitting up with Papyrus, Sans starts to feel a bit bonely. That is... Until he meets (y/n) (y/l/n). Then his world flips upside-down. But when people start to become scared of monsters, will this romance be able to last? Or are monsters and humans destin...

  • Iru's "art" book ft. other unrelated stuff
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  • Au Sanses x Reader one-shots
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    First one-shot book on here!~

  • Undertale AU x Reader
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    Honestly, this mostly just Sans x Reader oneshots, but ignore that detail and why don't you check these out. - C O M P L E T E D - //cover art not mine\\

    Completed   Mature
  • Creepypasta Zodaics
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    ❎REQUESTS ARE CLOSED (unfortunately)❎ [PREFERABLY FOR GIRLS (unless you're part of the LGBTQ community :) ] Requests are & always will be OPEN . ✖ Not all answers for all parts will be 100% accurate or true (:

  • What if? (A error sans story)
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    What if Error has a child.

  • Ink In my Blood (Bendy x Second!Child! Reader)
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    I said i would do this a while ago. Art is not mine

  • Art book/Joy and Selily's journal
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    Hoi. Cover is just random.

  • Art Book I Guess
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    Yeah I know, another one of these. I'm sure there are tons of them. But I wanted to try it. So if you bother to look inside... I hope you enjoy.

  • Very Disturbing Stories
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    Short stories that are somewhat scary. Some are creepy. Some are funny. Some aren't believable. But almost all will give you chills.

  • The Demon Inside - DemonHybrid!Reader x NaJ Dust
    9.7K 396 12

    "You're a human." "Nope." "You're a monster, right?" "Nope." "Then what the hell are you?" "I'm a demon."

  • 【Art】②
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    this book will contain unpleasant drawings but it will also have happy things as well The book is now completed

  • Everyone Is Good Inside [Au!Sanses X Neko!Reader]
    10.1K 211 6

    What if, your life was perfect and great the way it is, but someone just has to ruin it? They kill everyone you love even your precious brothers. You come for revenge, but who? Who will you blame? Who will help you? How will you do it?

  • PyraFyre's ARTZ [[2ND EDITION]]
    4.9K 1.3K 37

    My second artbook ( o w o ) It's made out of love, sweat, and a hint of cringe Hope you like it!!! \( o [] o )/

    20.6K 946 23

    Are you British and want to know how Americans speak? Are you American and want to know how British speak? Well you've come to the right place! Disclaimer: I am British foreigner and I am NOT making this book as mocking or anything like that, just for entertainment and curiosity. - Cover made by @Teribooks -

  • Error Survivor
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    (Ink x Reader) Deleting.... ... Universe Terminated... Unable to terminate Y/n.exe "So, YoU wErE aBlE tO eScApE hUh? WeLp, InK'lL fInD yOu SoOn... ERROR sUrViVoR." "Don't worry, I'll make sure he doesn't hurt you." Created August 9th, 2016 All Alternate Universes belong to their respective owners. I own nothing...

  • The Artist (Ink Sans x Artist!Discouraged!Reader)
    4.6K 88 17

    Being adopted by Queen Toriel and King Asgore, making you the Human Princess of the Monsters, wasn't the only thing you were know for. What else were you known for you may ask? Well...Your art! Your art gained attention from all of the Humans And Monsters. But what happens when another really great artist moves into t...

  • Au!Sans x reader one-shots
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    This is a book full of one-shots. There will only be Sans(with Aus) x reader. No Sans x Sans.

  • Undertale Oneshots book two!
    3.2K 69 9

    I'm back with another oneshot book people! Hope you'll enjoy like the last one!!!! Photo does not belong to me I just edited it for my personal use.