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  • Bottle Blonde
    1.8K 191 16

    Amelia Harris's senior year is coming up, and she's yet to make her school understand that despite the lanky five-foot-four brown-haired boy they see, she's actually a glamorous blonde ready to take on the world. When Northway High puts on Legally Blonde as their spring musical, Amelia sees the perfect chance to show...

  • The Aurelian [Open Novella Contest] ✔️
    2K 278 17

    Fifteen years after the disappearance of her childhood best friend and beauty pageant rival, trophy wife Florence French decides to take the investigation in her own hands. Leaving the tedium of her marriage behind, she makes her way back to the small Maryland town where she grew up to look into her past. As she delve...

  • Utopos
    39 6 1

    'You wouldn't abandon ship in a storm just because you couldn't control the winds.' Thomas More, Utopia

  • The Power and the Glory
    332 49 4

    For nearly a century the Sentries have been humanity's safeguard against the various insanities and abominations too great to be handled by the ordinary humans. Their superhuman might is the stuff of legends; with the immortal Blacklight at their head, their mere name is enough to send criminals cowering for cover. ...

  • Tomorrow's Children
    163 21 3

    The Fairchilds live in a nice home. They lead a nice life. They have nice children and a very nice existence. And yet, their world is changing. They don't know they live on the cusp of humanity, on the brink of civilization. And when it teeters to the point of no return, the Fairchilds must decide what is more importa...