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    1.8M 50.3K 39

    Ziara Ale, a normal teenage girl, well as normal as Ziara could get. She's short, clever, and curvy. If there is one thing to know about Ziara it's that she knows of the existence of werewolves. Little did she know that her acknowledgement of werewolves would change her life forever. Theodulus Isbrand, The Alpha King...

  • Finding Adam (A Modern Muslim Love Story) ✔
    689K 44.3K 85

    TEXT COPYRIGHT © M. A. ™ 2016 ~~~~~ "We can never be together," Adam suddenly says. His voice is small, but it sounds like soft velvet to my ears. "We're too different. Th-this marriage was a... it was a mistake." ~~~~~ Suha Zaid never thought her senior year could get any worse. Not only does she have to balance betw...

  • The Bad Boy's Toy | ✔️
    7M 168K 59

    "I'm not it, I'm not her. I won't fall for this monster. I won't be the Bad Boy's Toy." Ashley Airwood. Perfect Grades. Perfect Daughter. Perfect Sister. Perfect good girl. Bain White. Bad reputation. Bad player habits. Bad temper. Very Bad Boy. Enjoy!

    Completed   Mature
  • The Boy with Words for Skin
    434K 19.1K 33

    Samuel Brandt woke up with his thoughts written all over his body. His brother woke up with his head missing. His sister woke up to find that her skin would crack open unless she stayed in water. All of the other children in the secluded Iowa town of Oak Knoll woke up having undergone strange transformations. Now, the...

  • He Belongs to Her
    1M 43.4K 53

    That girl sobbing her heart out in the bathroom? Because of him. That badly bruised boy bleeding out on the floor of the hallway? Because of him. That locker having an odd fist shaped dent to it? Also because of him. Ethan Finley was known for his notorious and disdain ways. Ethan worked with words and numbers, one...

  • Until You Came Along
    309K 13.9K 28

    Dove has been carrying a secret from her parents and feeling like they don't care anymore, she becomes isolated. Hawk notices things about Dove when everyone else doesn't. He decides to help her out when no one else does by befriending her. Will friendship turn to love? You will have to read and find out. (Spinoff...

    Completed   Mature
  • Out of Her League |Lesbian Story|
    685K 34.8K 22

    Imagine the worst female softball team you ever saw, triple it, and you've got Darci Bloom's baseball team. Darci's got a lot to handle this season. She's ended up in a team full of nonathletic misfits. She's got a huge crush on the girl making a documentary about the team. She's got a difficult dad. Now a crazy Russi...

  • Gentle Predator
    3.3M 94.2K 27

    -- part one-- The Warrior's Daughter and The Alpha's son; When Illyria is orphaned at the tender age of four she finds herself in an unlikely friendship with a boy seven years her senior. Tristyn is the next Alpha and Illyria his fierce little friend. What happens when it comes time for the two best friends to find...

  • One of the Guys
    21K 888 6

    A girl going to an all boy's school? Alexa, "Alex" Abotts has few options when it comes to getting a decent education. She lives in a town so poor and tiny, it's often forgotten on maps. With a run down school and no teachers who care, Alex's only way out is applying to St.James Academy, a prestigious boarding school...

  • Bullied (Bullied Series #1) (SAMPLE)
    18.4M 1.6K 7

    ***Please note that this book has been taken down because it's been published, and you can see only the sample chapters of the published version. You can find the links to both ebook and paperback in my profile bio. ------------- I have always been bullied and trapped in darkness. I hoped life would get better when...

  • Tough Love
    36 7 2

    There must be some actual love or feeling of affection behind the harsh or stern treatment to be defined as tough love.

  • Back to Us
    135K 5.6K 13

    Claudia Mori only has one goal in order to survive winter break: Avoid being home at all costs. So when she runs into Lucas Elwood, her old crush who she hasn't seen since high school, she can't resist hanging out with him - even though she knows she should be staying far, far away. What Claudia doesn't know is that L...

  • True Love's Kiss (Short Story)
    450K 27.8K 11

    True Love's Kiss is a magical love story of Tyler and Angel. Tyler and Angel were teenagers when they fell madly in love with each other. They thought they found true love. They promised to love and cherish each other till death do they part. But promises are made to be broken. An unpleasant event made their love tu...

  • Siblings by Law and Couples by Love
    111 17 11

    sᴜᴍᴍᴀʀʏ: 4 siblings. 2 couples. A mother of a family dies in a car accident. She leaves behind a sad daughter, depressed son, and a secretive father. A father walks out on a family. He leaves behind confused twin sons and a depressed mother. These families combine together after the father(from first family) and moth...

  • The Fall Of A Drama Queen
    16.9M 866K 53

    Emerald did not want anything to do with Harry Allen again. He broke her heart when she was young. But, when he offered her to make a crown for the Queen of England, she immediately accepted. The Queen's crown would be the highlight in her first jewellery exhibit. But things did not turn out according to her plan. Her...

  • The Popular Girl
    2.5M 83.8K 86

    Looking at him from across the cafeteria my heart just stops. He bites his lower lip slightly as he reads the following words off of his new book, adjusting his hair from time to time. How can someone you've spent all of high school trying to forget still be the one to hold your heart?.. Stop staring! I look away and...

  • Silently Falling
    39.6M 1.7M 45

    Highest ranking: #1 in Teen Fiction ⚠️ EDITING ⚠️ *edited up to chapter 33 of roughly 40. Feel free to read!* -- "Sunshine, what guy do you know has a weird fetish with sign language?" She's the aftermath of a high school party nightmare. Tragedy robbed her of her innocence and stole her voice before she had the c...

  • Elisabeth Marie
    205K 9.1K 35

    I looked down at the cars on the road and the people way down on the sidewalk. They looked like they were having fun.... I mentally slapped myself. "No," I said aloud. "You like it up here," I told myself, trying to smother the little spark inside of me that I knew wanted to just jump right off the balcony. _________...

  • The Gang Leader's Angel {Completed}
    17.3M 571K 34

    In Jacob Hunters world there is no place for innocence. Becoming a gang leader at the age of 19 he was forced into a position he never wanted in the first place but a year later, he's embraced it completely by becoming the ruthless, menacing leader of the 'Scorp' gang. His life is all guns and no play. At least it was...

  • Cliche Cops ✓
    43.1K 3.5K 38

    The main rule is 'Stop the cliches' -CC ~*~ In the town where everything cliched occurs, Ella is sent a message with a simple task. These messages are demanding and she unknowingly got herself into the mess by complying with the messages. Little did she know all the work that came along with it once she signed up...

  • Smoke and Mirrors : Royal Angels I
    6.8M 550K 72

    He was the prince who got away. He had it all - power, fame, glory, honor. (Did I mention the unlimited supply of money, alcohol and women?) Yet he chose the human world. She wasn't shy, quiet or even remotely sweet. She wasn't your girl next door and she certainly was not a princess. When Victoria is hire...

  • Gates to Glory: Epic Fantasy Adventure Tale (Ashurran #1)
    188K 9.8K 69

    She was born in a tribe of fierce female warriors. Swords and spears have been her toys from the cradle. She has the only path before her, to become the tribe chief after her mother. Yet Ashurran dreams of strange lands, of bigger battles, of greater fame. She will take the magical Gates to Glory, travel to another wo...

  • Ice and Air (The Four Elements: Book 1)
    70.8K 3.5K 32

    **CURRENTLY IN THE PROCESS OF (SLOW) REWRITING/REVISIONING** Kayla. Sophomore student. A normal teenage girl. But everyone has secrets, Kayla's just happens to be different. She can control ice. Will this come with responsibility or will everything stay the same? After an incident during P.E, Kayla and her frien...

  • The Mystics Of Valenthia
    75.7K 5K 40

    "So who the heck am I?" I stared defiantly at Freya. "I am a normal person. I go to high school. I have parents. What am I ?" I asked. "That is what we need to find out. Do you trust us enough to stay with us? Help us? You are powerful. You are the only Palenthian, first time in centuries who has magic inside her. Po...

  • The silver key
    33.2K 1.5K 31

    After losing her parents at a young age and now her grandmother, 15 year old Nicole Porter, finds herself under the care of her aunt and family, the Theodores. Barely even knowing them she tries to make the best of her situation. Things seem to be going well until she and Leo, her cousin, find a dead body near the lak...

  • The Princess of Aramanda
    49.3K 2.5K 24

    EDITING I hated the society and it's norms which were bestowed upon us from the day we were born and were required to be followed till our death. Unlike other girls of my village, I would rather ride horses and climb trees than gossip about boys or frilled dresses.I was a rebel, someone who never followed these rule...

  • The Lost Princess
    77.4K 1.9K 20

    (COMPLETED) I'm not rich, I'm not Royal. I'm just an ordinary 19 year old girl. That's what I used to think. My names Jacksen Cedric, I have a little brother, a mom an dad, and I attend university. But then I got a letter, and that all changed. What happens when she finds a prince sitting in her dorms hallway...

  • Zoe And The Beast
    24.8M 391K 30

    [Highest Rank: #1 Teen Fiction] He walked up to me, suavely, and put his muscular arms on both sides of my small form, carefully. "Make me fall for you." "What?" I stared at him, dumbfounded by how close he was to me. Fall in love with me? Was he for real? I squirmed farther into the wall, against my...

  • Caught By The Bad Boys ✔ SAMPLE
    11.2M 50.1K 18

    "Are you scared because your dad is the sheriff?" "Why do you keep on asking me that?" "I won't stop until I get a proper answer." Lana Jane Willson, just a depressed and misunderstood geeky teenager because of her glasses and her dad being the Sheriff. Yet all she wants is to get into Yale, far away from everyone, th...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Hoodie Girl
    80.6M 3M 62

    Wren Martin is socially awkward. She blocks off herself to the world, hiding behind her favorite hoodie. All she wants to do is keep a low profile, and graduate well enough to qualify for a college scholarship. But then a babysitting job leads her to cross paths with Asher Reed, Eastview Highʼs notorious athlete. Whe...