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  • My Step-Brother's Baby
    63.8K 3K 51

    To become mature is all about change. "I lied, it's not you-" What do two 'in love' teens know about true change? And is what to come inevitably the result to the end? "Hate replaces the love that's lost."

  • My boon companion.
    14.9K 566 35

    This book is about a couple of Best friend's who are in love with each other, but don't want to love each other. They are Best friend's with benefits, but agreed with sleeping with other people. They call each other 'Best friend's' but others believe that that's an understatement for their relationship. Some may eve...

  • Pen Pals
    19.9K 1.6K 36

    A trip of a lifetime... A whirlwind full of unresolved emotions. And a roller coaster-bonded relationship. Advice from the professionals are 'Keep work and your private life separate', but is there a help guide for an irredeemable past?