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  • Break Through My Shell (Shouto Todoroki x Reader)
    189K 5.9K 28

    Born with a powerful quirk, you would think that would guarantee you a happy and peaceful life. But that fate wasn't given to you. After a traumatizing tragedy, you find yourself not willing to crack a smile for anyone. But if a certain someone comes into your life and is able to break through, maybe you could finally...

  • ⁅ Switched ⁆
    198K 6.6K 38

    Human! Connor x Android! Rk800! Reader Story. "Hello, my name is (Y/n). I am the android sent by CyberLife. I'm the newest Rk800 prototype, model #313 248 317-51. I have been designed to specifically hunt down deviants, and I will accomplish my mission at all costs." None of the art in this book belongs to me! I only...

    Completed   Mature
  • A New Leaf [Eddsworld Tom x Reader]
    6K 181 11

    Moving into your new city seemed exciting and fun, with limitless opportunities to pursue. You get to leave behind the past, and start over in a new, peaceful neighborhood outside the city. However, all of that changes when you meet a certain group of boys that just so happen to be your neighbors. Is everything as it...

  • Show Me Your Face
    521K 27.9K 48

    Masks. They symbolize humanity, no one is seen without one and no one goes out barefaced. In fact, its illegal to do so. Your mask shows your rank in society. Of course, with this rule, you wouldn't recognize someone without their mask on because you have never seen their face. Levi Ackerman, he is an official for a...

  • I never gave up. (Mike wheeler x reader)
    113K 2.9K 36

    (#665 in fanfiction) After escaping out of a car while the Hawkins lab was on a move, you meet a group of boys. One stands out to you. His name is mike wheeler. He's seen one of your old friends from Hawkins. She's gone and we need to find her.

  • Armin X Reader (Modern, Soulmate Au)
    6.3K 245 21

    By a terrible incident, you met before. And now, after eight years, you meet again. What will happen with the both of you? What will happen to two people that are being played by love and destiny itself? Will you play along or not?

  • Antisepticeye X Reader
    85.9K 2.1K 6

    Trying to finish up your favorite book series, 'A Track To The River" you find yourself stuck with a internal conflict of a voice speaking to you. Cover Picture By Gooberoo on deviantart

  • More Than Friends ↛ Human Sans x Reader
    219K 7.6K 60

    ☆ (Y/N) was just a regular girl living in a regular town. Well, maybe she wasn't the most normal girl, but she usually acted like she was. But then, one day, a new student came to her highschool. (Y/N) thought that they'd probably be pretty good friends, because he seemed like he wasn't normal either; but what (Y/N) d...

  • Stars, Lights, and Fansites (PepsiCola)
    724 38 5

    (boyxboy) Dave Strider was a famous musician who made it big, and despite never having met him, John loathed him with all he could muster. But one day, when he's trolling around on a Dave Strider fansite, he incidentally meets Dave through a message board- without knowing it. What will happen as they get to know each...