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  • My Gangster Girl ↔ (j.m.)
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    Kelly Johnson, will do everything for Jason McCann. She will do everything to keep him safe. But Jason lost his memories during a gang war, will she ever make him remember her again? Can she even get his Jason back? All Rights Reserved Copyrights © 2014 kidrauhlll

  • The Dream Girl (Justin Bieber Fanfiction)
    75.1K 1.3K 36

    Justin has sexual and insane dreams about a beautiful girl with blue hair. He falls in love with her and writes songs about her. He also buys sleeping pills so he can stay asleep to see her, he would go insane if he didn't see her. Later, he meets a girl who looks like her and acts like her and is named Elayne. Is t...

  • direct messages.
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    INTERRACIAL "I thought love was supposed to be a fairy tale, what the fuck is this?" "Whoever said love is a fairytale has never been in love."

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  • messages - justin bieber
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    in which a belieber slides into justin's dms. expecting nothing, but getting everything. [short story]

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  • Jason McCann's Daughter
    30.6K 566 29

    Jason McCann loves his daughter Skylar with all his heart even though he is America's most wanted criminal. Skylar is his soft spot, his baby girl. But what will happen when the rival gang is after her? The same gang that took away jason's everything? Warning: explicit language Book cover made by "homesicked" on watt...

  • Loving a Criminal
    156K 3.6K 49

    Jason McCann America's Most Wanted Criminal. Cold, Heartless and misunderstood. He just wants somebody to love him. Kasey Michaels A sweet girl with a troubled home life. Wants to feel loved. One day during a job Jason bumps into Kasey and instantly falls in love with her. So he stalks her for alittle while. And...

    684K 29.9K 25

    → SEQUEL TO SHE'S MINE BOOK TWO → "Are you aware that you were kidnapped by Jason McCann?" The detective asks. What? Did he confess to everything? I sat their watching him closely. There's no way I'm going to say anything. I'm not giving in to anything this cop is trying to lower me in. I just sat there silently. I do...

  • Sexed (Justin Bieber Fanfic)
    291K 3.4K 59

    When Justin is at the club he sees a girl named Arianna who he sleeps with, the next day Arianna seems to have disappeared.Then she writes a letter saying "You've been Sexed," He can't help but think about her and as he goes on tour.He learns sexed is like a tag game and he tries to find her. Well.......she's always t...

    Completed   Mature
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    [Highest Rank ~ #1 in Fanfiction] 7/18/2016 BOOK ONE → "YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE ME!" He screamed. You stared down at the silver pistol that was dangling in his hands. You watched the man that had the fate of your life in his hand. You were beyond scared. the man in front of you was handsome yet fatal. His face was someth...

  • Never Stop Loving You(Sexed Sequel) (Justin Bieber Fanfic)
    153K 2.3K 83

    From the fanfic sexed. Beliebers have been asking for a sequel so here it is! Ariana and Justin happily married with kids living life to the fullest but will Justin' career and the women he's been with stop it all. New sequel that'll make your panties drop and you heart pound. A sexy dramatic fanfic that is hard to s...

    Completed   Mature