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  • Drugged: A Dark!Natepat fic
    1.7K 81 1

    From InnerBeast: My name is Nathan Smith... and I have a evil voice in my head. I have a pill that makes it go away, but... then my Boyfriend MatPat got one as well. I didn't know what to do... so I panicked. ONE-SHOT

  • Fake It (A Natepat Fan fiction)
    17.4K 781 11

    Please note this work is old and not reflective of the authors current writing. This story has been left up because people continue to enjoy it despite its major flaws. Nate and Matt have really grown close over the past few months, so much so that Matt has a little favor to ask. (And no it's nothing dirty) Highest Ra...

  • Natepat Oneahot
    802 17 8

    A bunch of one shot of Nate and Matt Book is decided to _natepat_5_ever

  • Forever Mangled - NatePat
    60.8K 1.8K 36

    "Why are you doing this Nate?" "Nate's not here MatPat..." When Matt and Nate go to visit the real Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, they have no idea what's in store for them. Nate's feeling odd after their visit...scarier, vengeful, could even say, nightmare-ish... Or should I say...Natemare? {Started: October 3...

  • (Natepat) Look Into My Eyes, It'll Be Okay...
    945 43 8

    Nate sighed as he looked down at his wrist. Why had a name not appeared? Was he broken? Did he not have a soulmate? Obviously he did seeing as his eyes were two different colours, the clear sign that they were out there somewhere, but why was there no name? Nate had just turned seventeen, at that age your soulmates la...

  • StopRewind || NatePat
    3.1K 177 6

    "Can we stop and rewind?" "I'm not so sure.." _______________________ Nathan Sharp is 5% of the world's special psychics. With his abilities to stop and rewind at will, use his mind to move objects at will, and the ability to heal others and self with a touch; Nathan is pushed as an outcast because of his abilities...

  • Grayed Out-NatePat
    9.5K 485 14

    Nate is Gray. Grays have no emotions, nor are they allowed to show emotion. But Nate wants to. He wants to smile, laugh, and cry. But he can't. Mat is Red. Reds know emotions like the back of their hand, and are known to sometimes convince Grays to become Blues. But when your mother is the Queen of the Grays, how...

  • Fallen For You (Natepat)
    951 69 3

    What are you supposed to do when a man literally falls from the sky into your backyard? And what the hell are you supposed to do when you kind of maybe fall in love with him....? // GAY AND ANGST WARNING(S): graphic description of wounds, some swearing, grief, mentions of unhealthy eating habits, mentions of self loa...

  • I'm your biggest fan- Natepat
    3.6K 257 6

    What can you say, Matt is a fanboy. And when he finds out Nate is going on tour, well, he just has to be there. For every single concert. He knows it's stupid. He knows there are 18 concerts. He knows it's going to pay him a lot of money. But he also knows that it's worth it.

  • Casual Affair | Natepat
    4.2K 199 7

    Matthew Patrick is happily married to his wife Stephanie. Until he meets a man at the library and they start to fall for each other, starting a casual affair.

  • Carnophobia || Natepat fanfiction
    41.4K 2.3K 32

    Carnophobia is the fear of meat which to Nate is hell as the male come from a family of cannibals. These cannibals have been genetically modified to work differently from us, they won't feel pain the same as we do, there bodies are much more free willed then ours. Nate gets sent to a Highschool in a vague attempt to...

  • My Cat, Your Dog and Us - Natepat (ON HOLD)
    29.4K 1.8K 61

    In a world where your own pet or most favoured item chooses your soulmate for you; What will happen when a famous musician decides to hold a concert in the city of LA with his faithful Dog by his side? What will happen when a young adult struggling to pay his bills manages to sneak into the musician's concert with his...

  • [DISCONTINUED] Helping Hand|| A Natepat Story
    13.8K 884 21

    Ever since 3 years of age, Nathan Smith's life has been a roller coaster. Especially since he has a "problem". 9 years later, in attempt to run away with this problem, he finds himself in a horrible place with people like him. Things seem bleak for Nate once again until he meets Matt... Will Matt be able to drag...

  • Rebels And Roses |DISCONTINUED|
    16.6K 957 11

    Matthew Patrick is the Lone-Wolf "Bad Boy" of Emerald High. Nobody dares mess with the tattooed boy. But maybe that's why he takes interest in the new kid. Nathan Smith is the Bubbly but broken "New Kid" of Emerald high. Forever getting teased about his clothing and looks. Maybe that's why he lashes out at the Punk. [...

  • Angry | NatePat
    3.2K 224 4

    Nathan Smith was always angry at the world, until Matthew Patrick skipped into his life with a pretty flower crown on his head and told him that he was handsome. TW: Abuse Contains: MXM, crossdressing

  • Polar (NatePat)
    2.8K 169 7

    A lab partnership composed of flower crowns and sexual tension could lead to more than just one type of chemistry...

  • Adopted by NatePat
    679 29 11

    Shadow, a teenage wolf girl with no place to go gets thrown into an orphanage... From abusive parents that are nothing more than mere humans to a new wolf family, how will she react? As visions and flashbacks haunt her present, will she be able to reveal her secrets to Nate and Mat? Will she ever be able to feel love...

    Completed   Mature
  • Have Courage (Natepat)
    9K 411 10

    Nate was born into a loving family. His mother and father were open minded people, raising him to be kind, have courage, and to believe in magic. Because magic is always around, his mother always said. At a young age, he loses his mother. His father remarried. The woman seemed nice, so did her children. But after his...

  • Marry Me | NatePat
    37.8K 2.3K 16

    In a world where your soulmate's first words to you are tattooed onto your wrist, Nathan Smith is more than surprised to see the words 'marry me' scrawled out on his wrist in messy handwriting.

  • My Right Number - Natepat
    20.5K 1.4K 54

    Sequel to 'My Wrong Number' (If you don't read the first one then some things may not add up) Six months after the Stephanie incident; Nate and Matt's lives have gotten far better since they moved in with each other, with collabs being tossed left and right and a war between the two underway.. things couldn't get bett...

  • I'm His to Taste - NatePat {ON HOLD}
    12.2K 420 12

    Matthew Patrick is a 130 year old vampire who wants nothing more than to drink the world dry, but his body trail is piling up and he's afraid of exposure. What he needs his own personal blood bank. Nathan Smith is a 27 year old musician who wants nothing except to have his music heard, but his girlfriend is t...

  • My Wrong Number - Natepat
    59.2K 3.1K 56

    Highest Ranking: #1 in Natepat Nate gets a new phone and accidentally inputs his best friend's number wrong, this leads to him texting some random stranger who won't give up on getting to know him. Nate doesn't want to admit to the person that he enjoys their company. The person only wants to develop a friendship wi...

  • I Will Find You |NatePat|
    5.1K 332 12

    miss·ing adjective not able to be found because it is not in its expected place. "Matthew Patrick had gone missing, and Nathan was determined to fine him" synonyms: lost, mislaid, misplaced, absent, gone ------------------------------------------------------ Cover By: @taeipathy (on Instagram)

    Completed   Mature
  • NatePat Oneshots
    36.6K 1.7K 44

    "Would you be so kind as to fall in love with me?" In which Nathan Smith and Matthew Patrick fall in and out of love in various ways. ✧✦✧ -cover art by cryptidsp00n- -all oneshots are works of fiction- -no disrespect is meant to anybody mentioned- -bimonthly updates-

  • Straight Boy (NatePat)
    14.2K 667 13

    Please note this work is old and not reflective of the authors current writing. This story has been left up because people continue to enjoy it despite its major flaws. Matt and Nate are best friends but when Nate falls for some mystery guy could there be some undiscovered feelings revealed? a story of Love, Hate, and...

  • Natepat One Shots
    2.7K 26 12

    Natepat one shots cause ....Natepat