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  • Randomness 5.0
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    I'm still makin this stuff??? I guess so. Also this book is heavily +13-14 plus....LOTS OF YAOI STUFF. Warning: Gay Random German TITANS Danganronpa

  • Dragon's Blood (Human Toothless x female!reader)
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    *completed* No Memory. No Family. No friends. Only a single name. (Y/n). (Y/n) woke up in the snow alone, with no memory of who she is or how she came to be on this island. The only the thing she did remember was the that she knew two dragon's long ago. Both Nightfurys. A very rare breed of dragon. Saved by a drag...

  • Spinning at Sea
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    A pirate raid takes a turn when the captain kidnaps a common village man and drags him with them on an overly dramatic adventure. Pirate Captin! Viktor Workman Yuuri Viktuuri/Victuuri shipping If you're interested in the challenge messenge me or follow this link. >

  • Doodles!
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    Can a Potato art? Well you'll find out in my new art book! Welcome to the newer and greatly improved version of my doodles! My art skills have gotten better since the first chapters of my old book! This book features whatever fandoms I'm in so expect a lot of Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Hetalia, and Undertale! This bo...

  • Mini Fics and Drabbles
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    Just random drabbles and mini fics for my ocs and other characters I like.

  • Yuri on Ice Facts
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    Facts about Yuri on Ice.