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  • The Calamitous Rise (Book Two)
    615 187 20

    Hypaeria Aesyph traveled to their world, and now they're traveling to hers. In the aftermath of the battle known as The Illustrious Origin, Hypaeria is separated from her band of friends, whilst empathizing with an enigmatic person of her past. She is certain her world cannot be nearly as dangerous as Eravale. But...

  • The Tales of Horror #DifferentContestsHalloween
    319 43 7

    ***This is an entry for I_NEED_MY_PANDA_LOVE's contest*** In these five short stories that make up this book, you will be engulfed with the strength of the scary ambiance of the Halloween season. This book has a lot of horror in it, so beware..........

  • The Wildest Dreams of Scarlet Bane #WildestDreamsContest
    426 127 16

    **This is an entry for I_NEED_MY_PANDA_LOVE's contest.** I am Scarlet. I am young. I am what people call insane. I have dreams. Dreams filled with death, magic, and strange things. I have wild dreams. And I must use them to defend myself from the world.

  • In The Shadows
    586 62 14

    This story is my first ever on Wattpad, and it is a murder mystery that makes a strong friendship between six living people and one dead one shatter. **Also, thank you to YoursTrulyMaryZ for making this amazing cover!

  • Randomness
    7.6K 1.3K 160

    Randomness. Just randomness. Since I don't have a book to put random things in, I made this book. Enjoy!

  • Contests for Literature
    855 107 9

    Since I've made a Contests for Graphics book, I decided to make the equivalent for writing! I adore writing contests, and, as you know, I host the UPAs, which is also a writing contest. However, these contests will be smaller and more diversely themed. I'll try to make each contest unique, so they don't seem repeti...

  • Contests for Graphics
    52.1K 5.2K 198

    I've been seeing a lot of people making contests books, especially for covers. So, I decided to make on as well. It won't be just for covers, however. It'll also include icons, banners, and just pictures with text in general. I'll try to make each contest unique, so they don't seem repetitive. Also, you can PM me...

  • The Land of Graphics (CFCU)
    7.3K 1.2K 46

    Welcome to the Land of Graphics! This is a collection of my graphics, including requests, commissions, entries, and more. Enjoy!

  • The Illustrious Origin (Book One)
    11.4K 1.2K 64

    Hypaeria Aesyph is a normal girl with a weird name. Besides the fact that she can see her mother's death the exact way she saw it originally, she doesn't have any abnormal capabilities. She has a cliché life for a seventeen-year-old, but when she is attacked by a swarm of birds one day, loses consciousness, and awak...