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  • Social Anxiety | phan
    141K 6.3K 36

    "Oh, the things I'd do to be normal." Dan has social anxiety, which causes him to suffer from even more forms of mental illness. He envies his classmate Phil who seems to be confident and happy, but is he really? {Trigger Warning: depression, anxiety, self harm, eating disorder...}

    2K 224 3

    Dab blogs his life from birth to his death

  • paper thin (phan)
    981K 53.6K 24

    *'BEST PHANFICTION' WINNER (FANFICTION AWARDS 2018)* Daniel has anxiety and crumples paper to calm himself down. Phil has ADHD and diminishes hearts to bring himself up.

  • Phan - The Runaway
    135K 3.6K 38

    Phil ran away from home, but on his first evening in London, he's run over by a car and finds himself in the hospital. The only thing he remember is some small fragments from when he was run over, like when a browneyed angel found and saved him. You want the rewritten version? Find the book on my profile! ' The Runaw...

  • The Runaway - Phan - New Version
    46.7K 1.9K 17

    Rewritten Version! Phil ran away from home, but on his first evening in London, he's run over by a car and finds himself in the hospital. The only thing he remembers is some small fragments from when he was run over, and when someone found him. Especially one detail has stuck with him from the accident a pair of beau...

  • Colorful | Phan | Completed
    625K 43.9K 103

    "Reason number one not to fall in love with Phil Lester, he speaks in colors." ~ Dan Howell is in his last year of high school when, thanks to a bet, he is forced to prove to his friend how easy it is to not fall in love with somebody who cares for the stars more than he cares for himself. Who's crazy plans always see...

  • Fighter-A Phan Story
    279K 9.4K 12

    Dan Howell and Phil Lester are constantly haunted by Dan's suicide attempt. A story about love, depression, and recovery. This is a series adapted from the one shot, Skinny Love. Read it here: Triggers: Suicide, depression, boyxboy Author Note: Written by request

  • Never Let Go - Danisnotonfire x Reader
    1.7M 64.9K 94

    - won first place in the summer 2015 x reader fanfiction awards - You feel like your life is one big existential crisis. You can't get a job, your landlord is an asshole (to put it lightly), and your mum is incredibly overprotective. You feel lost... until you meet HIM. (featuring end of 2014 - early 2016 Dan) *UNDER...

  • Skinny Love-Phan
    29.5K 1K 1

    Five days ago, Phil found his best friend bleeding to death. Triggers: attempted suicide, self harm Author note: Based off of the song Skinny Love. I prefer the Birdy version, but Bon Iver is the original artist. I suggest listening during reading. If you enjoy, become a fan, vote, and comment any ideas you have. :D

  • Sad Song (Dan and Phil)
    81.8K 3.7K 25

    Dan Howell. A teenage boy with depression, self harm, and a very rare disease of butterfingers. Also has an obsession with llamas. Phil Lester. A teenage boy with eyes that could make the moon jealous, has an amazing talent for making people smile when they have gone through the roughest crap ever. Also has an obsessi...

  • Secrets (A PHAN fic.)
    63.4K 2K 17

    Dan was tortured by a school bully as a child. As an adult, he still has nightmares about it. He soon finds out an astonishing secret about himself. Gah! crappy summary, sorry. Later in the story there'll be an epic battle, Shane, Joey, Pj, Chris and maybe some others. Please read, it's better than it sounds. Promise...

  • not alone anymore // phan
    20.2K 593 8

    Dan was used to being alone. He isolated himself from everyone and got on with his life. When a new boy sat next to him in an English lesson, Dan's life started to change for the better. •highschool fic•

  • Internet Love
    442K 16.2K 50

    You are a YouTuber, and a famous one at that. How much trouble can one stay with your best friends Dan and Phil be? I mean, they barely leave the house anyway... Final Editing: May 29, 2017. :-)

  • Mental Health
    74.8K 3.9K 28

    Manchester Mental Institution Patient File Patient Name: Daniel James Howell Age: 19 Date of Birth: June 11, 1991 Date of Registration: 19/10/09 Floor: 1 Room: 2 Illness/Illnesses: Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Mood Swings, Trust Issues, Suicidal Worker Assigned To: Phillip Michael Lester EXTREME TRIGGER WARNING: TALKS...

  • The colour grey // phan
    34.6K 2.2K 38

    Dan and Phil meet each other during school, they become best friends. When dan shows signs of weakness, easy bruising, tiredness, night sweats and pain Phil gets extremely worried and takes him to the doctors... *sorry for the shitty description*

  • Ex Morte Vita
    3.7K 273 7

    Daniel Howell, Forensic Anthropologist. 25 years old, the best in the Forensic field. Philip Lester, Federal Agent. 29 years old, more field expierence and hands on action than anyone else. When Dan is left with a decaying body, and no solid answers, he is forced to rely on an overconfident FBI agent, and the hope t...

  • moods / phan
    2.2M 125K 39

    in a world where your moods are visible above your head, displayed through pictures and icons, it's impossible to hide your true feelings. however dan howell seems to be lacking this. labelled as an emotionless freak, dan is outcasted because his moods are never visible. that is, until an endlessly happy boy named phi...

  • Last Love
    1K 44 31

    20 year old Aliyah is in for a wild ride when her and her best friend move next to danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil. *There will be some minor swearing in this. If you are uncomfortable with this I advise you not to read*

  • Found Minds ~ Sequel to Lost Souls
    1.7K 134 18

    Almost 2 years after Dan and Phil's very dramatic months, they are starting to settle back down into their 'new' life with Phil's special...talent. It still takes some modifying but the normally clumsy Youtuber is starting to adapt to the spontaneous change with help from his partner in crime. Little did they know but...

  • 12 weeks
    4.2K 257 1

    Dans diary over 12 weeks **trigger warning** contains mentions of domestic violence, self harm and abuse

  • Does it hurt? Phan (completed)
    154K 5.9K 15

    Dan comes home from Christmas shopping to find Phil in the bathroom passed out. He doesn't know how or why this happened, but is terrified for his best friend. Dan tries to help Phil but gets annoyed with himself in the process, writing everything he hates about himself along with his deepest secret: his love for his...

  • Beautiful Phan
    38.7K 1.6K 8

    A fanfiction about Phan - When Dan makes a rash decision to commit suicide, and fails, Phil has to rush back from his holiday to see him, and most importantly, to find out why. But with Dan withholding information as to why he did it, and Phil trying desperately to make something of his life - will they ever discover...

  • A Helping Hand REWRITTEN
    6.3K 250 1

    Hey if you enjoyed a helping hand then you should read this fic, the rewritten version of the epic yet tragic love story (this version's better just fyi)

  • DanAndPhil?
    2K 62 7

    Katherine gets bullied at school and abused by her father. Alyssa is popular but is still Katherine's best friend. What happens when the move to London together and live beside Dan and Phil, two of the three people who saved Katherine's life. Katherine has to leave her other best friend Jack Barakat right when he need...

  • Memories » Phan
    8.5K 578 11

    I never wanted to lose you, and I guess with these memories held close, I never really did. Completed

  • Love Triangles - Phan
    36.1K 1.4K 15

    Dan had a crush on the school nerd for some time now, watching him in class and looking at him in the halls, Dan wants nothing more than to call that boy his. However, will Dan's past cause the relationship to crash down? Amd will he be able to learn to trust someone again? Au with @shadow_wolf99

  • Learn to love me - Phanfiction
    83.8K 4.2K 13

    Dan loves Phil. He has ever since. he set eyes on him on that tiny computer screen in his small bedroom back in Manchester. But Phil doesn't like Dan in 'that' way. Dan tries to make Phil fall in love with him, facing hardships and problems along the way, but how long will it take for Dan to give up? For Phil, to lear...

  • Awkward// Daniel Howell x reader [unedited]
    232K 6.9K 204

    {completed} You're an awkward and shy girl, who's done with school. You don't have many friends. Your parents are not supportive of you, even though they say it's for the best. You decide to move to London. To escape of the bullies from your school, to escape from your parents. But mostly, to live closer to your two f...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Great Accident
    57.9K 1.7K 10

    Their first time left them with the greatest accident Dan and Phil ever made. All based around phandom theories from PINOF 1 but with a twist. Mpreg!Dan.

  • Lost Souls ~ Phan
    10.2K 606 45

    Phil has been suffering from memory loss after an accident and seems to be living a pretty average life considering. Dan, on the other hand, is not. He's miserable. But to make matters worse Phil is approached by a teenage girl claiming something pretty drastic... {Cover fan-art is not mine credit to owner}