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  • Human! Pokemon X Reader (One-Shots)
    134K 3K 27

    Requests are open! This is about Pokemon that are turned into humans and now they are falling/in love with you! What kind of adventures await within this book?

  • Human!Pokemon x Reader Oneshots
    83.5K 1.4K 9

    A couple of humanized pokemon x reader oneshots, hope you like them and love them lots <3

  • Frisk x Reader : The Day We Fell In
    45.4K 1.2K 33

    Y/N was with her best friend,Frisk. They were climbing Mt Ebott when something took control of Frisk and he fell down a deep hole. Read on! I'm horrible at Undertale belongs to Toby Fox and you belong to you! I don't own anything except the story Edit: this story really changed.... =P I'll...

  • (Dancetale) Better Dancing Together - Sans X Reader [DISCONTINUED]
    71K 2.3K 37

    [16/08/17] Edit- Okay. Warning. This was written carelessly? The grammar isn't too bad, but it isn't too great either. This is also discontinued. Go to @Lilliyona to see the continuation. Bad jokes were also made cause I didn't know how to do jokes. So there's a lot of cringe, probably. It isn't as bad as my older boo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Littletale : Unusual School Life [ON HIATUS]
    12.7K 614 18

    Frisk starts going to school in the surface with the monsters. She finds difficulties upon making friends with the humans, but to monsters...she easily made a good impression towards them. Toriel, Asgore, Undyne, Alphys, Sans, Papyrus made her school life an unusual yet fun experience.

  • The Song of a Virtual Girl : Hatsune Miku X Reader
    4.5K 77 8

    A beautiful day is one to spend on the computer! But what happens when a new beauty turns your life upside down? -FAQ- Q: When do you update? A: Every time the read goal is met. It goes by every chapter so if say chapter 3 gets 40 reads I will start work on chapter 4. It's like that for every chapter so yeah. Q: Will...

  • Yandere! Sans X reader X Yandere! Papyrus
    243K 7.8K 32

    Kidnapped by two strangers after moving to the underground on a runaway trip? (an interactive story-line) Enjoy! Don't forget to follow, vote and/or comment! Also be sure to check out my Yandere! Mettaton X reader if you haven't already! And without further a do... On to the story! Artists for the cover: Sans: http:...

  • Wish on my star (A Laurence X Garroth X Dante X Aaron X Reader)
    18.8K 435 10

    F/N is on the run from her father. Her father, the lord of BrightSky, wanted her to marry the most wrenched man in all of Minecraftia, Zane the hight priest. He was a jerk and he promised her father a fortune. F/N knew of all of the wrenched things the priest did so she ran. Far far away. Then she comes across a villa...

  • Oka Ruto X Female Reader
    49.7K 1.2K 12

    Sorry boys, maybe next time... You were once the president of the occult club at your old school... but now you have to switch schools. You realize there's also an occult club at your new school and you decide to join it. You meet Oka and the other club members. But little did you know that you began to have feelings...