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  • Art Trades
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    For the rare art trades I do with other people. You can make requests if you want, but I probably won't be able to get to all of them. I usually take bases off the internet, so i don't know who made them. If you see a base that belongs to you, please let me know so I can give credit (but be honest)! Also, don't expect...

  • My Parodies
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    This is a collection of all the parodies I've written. Hope you enjoy them!

  • ROTBTFD One Shots: Girl Meets World AU
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    Hey guys! This is just a compilation of one shots for the awesome, all new AU I've created for the ROTBTFD universe! Mostly Girl Meets World, but I will fit some Boy Meets World in here and there. I will take suggestions for this particular book, so feel free to post your requests in the comments section! Please keep...

  • Freezing fire: Jarida and Hiccunzel Fanfiction
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    The big four have been through a lot together, but as people, challenges and more fight into their lives, can they keep their incredible friendship? I DO NOT OWN ANY CHARACTERS,THEY BELONG TO DREAMWORKS AND DISNEY RESPECTIVELY. I wrote this for fun. If you don't ship Jarida or are dissatisfied, I'm sorry and you are...