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  • Book I: Burnt Bliss *Boy x Boy*
    13.6K 176 36

    Journal Entry: 22 February 1666 "I adore spending time with Augustus. He's amazing! But once I realised how I felt about him, my happiness was ruined by guilt. I know I should not be feeling like this. And to think I was looking forward to meeting that girl my parents made arrangements with! This is wrong, but I don'...

  • My Lord (BoyxBoy) (Completed)
    769K 29.5K 24

    Lord Maxwell Winters is charming, popular, rich and darkly handsome, women wish to marry him, men want to be him. These are just some of the reasons that Lord Edward Malfrey despises him. In a time where a man has to marry a woman and bare children, two men can never possibly fall in love?. So when a highwayman takes...