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  • Petrichor
    231 79 8

    Soon after the cruelly and devilishly beautiful rain, petrichor fills your nose if you aren't the one who ignores the murderous downpour in your private cabin. The smell of the rejuvenated sand is all what you feel when your feet explores nature's meadow. After the nostalgia from the rain, the pertichor reminds you...

  • Khamoshiyaan
    9.5K 3.2K 100

    THE VOICE OF SILENCE. Sometimes silence describes a situation far better than words ever will, Sometimes a strange set of words describe paints it years later; The limits are set and broken by the words , The reticence ,muteness and reserve let out in words. Just some guidelines to the thoughts, To go through the path...

  • Leminescate
    1.5K 395 32

    Love and Lust Dwells in the frailest of waters, Separated by the thinnest of Lines. Lust from Love and Love from Lust, Same words, But the alter of a lifetime. Treacherous Desires Unleashed Upon her, Once a Pure Soul, Now a cunt in his lust. Submission of Innocence on a Love never got, The continual of love for a lemi...

  • The Darkest Shade Of Black
    2.5K 745 56

    About that shade of black that's darker, deeper and stronger. About a black so mean that it scared death away. About the blackness in my heart that seeks to all the bright. About a black so overpowering that it degrades all smiles. About That Black that can never get a tone lighter with all the white.