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  • Love I Found (BWWM)
    11.7K 346 7

    Read to find out

  • Problematic Love (BWWM)
    70.4K 2.7K 18

    "Look at me and tell me you don't love me" he said staring at her. "I...I... I have to go.." She whispered. "I said look at me and tell me you don't love me" he hissed holding her chin in place to look at her face to face. "I....I...I can't love you" she said as her eyes teared up. "Stop avoiding my questi...

  • Blood (Vampire)(Wattys2020)(BWWM)
    188K 10.4K 29

    Kara is your average working girl. Except she works twice as hard as everybody else to pay off not only her but also her mother's debt. One night Kara meets a man at the club, and discovers a whole new world. A world in which she doesn't have be a victim to her circumstances. And she can have all this in exchange fo...

    Completed   Mature
    68.9K 3.9K 66

    Remedy - {Noun} 1. a medicine or treatment for a disease or injury. _______________________ Melanie is 19 year old who works for an strong alpha name Maynard. Melanie is a guardian in her pack which is call the Melanin Pack, but a rouge to the Yellowstone Pack. Not a bad rouge but a good rouge who works and cle...

  • The Beta's Unwanted Mate | ✔️ Complete
    20.9M 720K 89

    #1 werewolf #1 teenfiction "That night meant nothing to me Olivia." "You were just like another girl to me." He smirked, "and you KNOW how I do girls. I lure them," he took a crumpled paper in his hands and softly straightened it, "I fuck them. HARD." He tore the paper off in pieces, "and then, I throw them out of my...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mrs. Alpha [BWWM]
    111K 4.8K 19

    "But- But- But I'm your wife," she cried out, fat tears running down her smooth, chocolate face. "You can't do this to me!" "I'm sorry Ebony, but... I don't love you anymore," Jace said softly, his blazing green eyes cast down. "Bullsh!t" Ebony screamed. "You can't do this! You just can't up and tell me you don't love...

  • Being there for Peyton
    1.9K 62 4

    Peyton's parents die so she is sent to live with her half uncle. He had no idea she existed and she knew nothing of him either. While Peyton is at his home, life is different, her uncle is a werewolf and a beta. Peyton is human and has a hard time fitting in because she's socially awkward, however she meets her mate a...

  • Fuchsia Is The Color Of Love
    145K 8.1K 21

    Andrew Hugh aspired to be a rogue. He chased women with lustful eyes and poetic words. Making it his life's mission to never truly settle down with just one woman. At least that's what he had told himself before he met her. Hany James was a working class girl. She was a cook and prided herself at being an excellent on...

  • Stealing His Heart [INTERRACIAL bwwm]
    37.8K 1.7K 14

    Elizabeth Winston is just a normal human girl, until she meets a very mysterious guy who seems to make her question everything she thought she knew. What happens when Elizabeth finds out that the life she has been living is really just a big lie? Will she be able to get past the lies or will she let them hold her dow...

  • Never the Black Girl
    315K 11.8K 38

    Tabitha has fallen for the new boy in her school, Lionel. But, what happens when she finds out that she is Lionel' s mate?

  • My Possessive Mate
    46.9K 592 2

    Maysa is a 19 years old New Yorker girl. She's smart, kind and active. Maysa attendants college with her best friend Dakota, who's also her roommate for the second year. Things went smoothly her first year, until a new boy name Joseph come into the picture. Maysa who isn't really in any rush to date, falls for this...

  • Chocolate mate Bwwm
    50.5K 1.6K 5

    Ice is a teen werewolf. Gage is the alpha of the most dangerous pack in the world. What happens when they have to combine schools.

  • My Supernatural Mate(BWWM) (UNDER EDIT)
    179K 6.2K 23

    hello to whoever is reading this book, this is first time ever writing a book so please don't write any rude comments and tell what I should add to this story. Shaniyah is your natural ghetto girl from brooklyn. She have a killer body girls would die for and makes boys fall in with her in a snap. One day she came ho...

  • Me, My Hair✂ and My Mate (#Wattys2015)
    13.3K 849 15

    Hair defines us. The secret to life lies within the strands extending from my scalp. My hair is me and I am my hair. My hair is my attitude. Hair can make or break the perfect outfit. Hair can ruin a good night. Hell, hair can ruin a good picture! Your hair can make or break any situation. It can make you look bette...

  • A Servant for a Mate (Book #1 of A Royal Secret Trilogy)
    25.1M 87.2K 16

    It all happened one night eight years ago. A few words spoken to shake a tiny heart with fear. Running and hiding became a natural for Claudia. Fear over took her heart at such a young age, making her stay away from the one boy who would be her everything. Now eight years has passed. Claudia continues to hide, but he...

  • Fighting to go on
    10.2M 142K 37

    Samantha's life changed two years ago when her mother died. She now cares for her younger brother and puts up with an abusive guardian. The fun, happy girl turned into the shy, terrified girl. When they move and her and her brother start at a new school, she doesn't plan on making herself known. But when she catches t...

  • Undiscovered Territory
    1.7M 33.3K 11

    Catch up with Klaus and Sky, in the sequel of 'His Unmarked Territory.' - - XD Enjoy.

  • WHAT? I'm a Beta's MATE?
    23.9K 349 2

    ** Sequal to WHAT? I'm an Alpha's MATE?** Emma has just woken up from being changed. Into a vampire. She has no memory of her human life, but she has a feeling that what Prince Nik is telling her about her human life, isn't her. What's a girl to do? And why, when she comes across a beautiful werewolf who claims she's...

  • True Mates - Editing
    9.6M 148K 30

    He rejected her, his mate. He didn't want a human as a mate and even though it was quite rare to have one, he beat the odds. A weak little human would never survive in a world of werewolf's. A year later they meet again, only different. When attending a meeting with all the pack Alpha's in the country is when he sees...