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  • Regal [h.s au] - Completed
    342K 15.8K 64

    When a young prince is obliged to leave his castle in order to learn how to rule his kingdom properly, he realises the world is not how he imagined it to be and seeing only good in people can put you in more danger than you think. When two very different worlds collide, each of them has something to learn from the ot...

    Completed   Mature
  • True Colors ❧ H.S. [SLOW UPDATES]
    419K 18.8K 60

    ❝She was a stranger who became a mistake, but that mistake made him feel alive.❞ A book in which a boy tries to save a girl from drowning but ends up getting dragged down under. [Warning: mature content including drug use, sexual content and rape. Read at your own risk] Cover Credits: @styleslight All Rig...

  • Background Noise [HS]
    245K 11.5K 34

    He looked like a proper rockstar up on stage. He had it all: the girls screaming his name in absolute adoration; the long, wild hair that fell over his face with every dip of his head; a much too-big frilly shirt that parted at the top to reveal his chest and two swallow tattoos. She could picture the string of broken...

  • Walmart Boy (h.s)
    255K 16.1K 44

    "My name is Harry, nice to meet you mamacita," he looked me up and down before grabbing my hand and shaking it. My arm flopped like a flimsy noodle as he shook my hand quickly and firmly. "The name is Maria. Not mami, not mamacita, not 'yo'," I deadpanned, referring to the names he had called me earlier. I cautiously...

  • I'm in love with a killer || h.s
    4.2M 68.4K 39

    Bella Jennings was just a normal, shy teenager who had to move away from her home because of bullying and harassment that her mother and herself were recieving after her father took the blame for a friend of his, and got sent to prison. At Bella's new school she quickly gains new friends, but she also gets involved wi...

  • Coalescence ➳ H.S.
    1M 38K 22

    "You're nothing but a con man." "I prefer con artist, sweetheart." ➳ Winner of Season 3 1D Watty Awards for Best Smut

    Completed   Mature
  • Good Enough - Luke Hemmings
    2.4M 86.2K 35


  • shades of blue
    1.9M 136K 68

    Charlie doesn't speak, so he paints.

  • Second Wind ☾Harry Styles
    349K 10.6K 35

    "Is that what you do? Ask girls to ride your bike and soon enough they're riding you? That's cute." MATURE ☾ Harry Styles AU #280 in Fan Fiction. #4 in HS. #76 in Harry. #58 in OneDirection. completed.

    Completed   Mature
  • Quiet || hs
    7.6M 211K 76

    In which a quiet girl trying to get through her last year of high school by avoiding all conflict in her school and sitting in the back. She didn't expect a new math teacher who also became her new volleyball coach which made her plans to have a chill last year into chaos. #1 in Fanfiction

  • Psycho ➳ H.S.
    2.4M 58.1K 21

    "He clenched his fists to bring himself back to earth, shutting off the tap. He stood stationary, wondering if anything he had been thinking for the last five minutes made any sense at all. Every thought was about her; he wanted her more than anyone. He came down to one conclusion: he was truly obsessed with her." Co...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bring It, Bitch ➳ Harry Styles {completed and editing}
    1.3M 52.1K 81

    Stolen pudding cups, flirty police officers, a bag full of weed and a trip to Vegas make for one hell of a bet. [In the process of being edited, some major changes will be made. Please note that I am not British and some things might not be right in regards to language and terms. As I edit I will try to fix them but p...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Billionaire // H.S & S.G
    1.3M 36.4K 91

    They always tell you not to mix business with pleasure. Cover by @CelticLove Highest Ranking #19 in Fanfiction (8/05/17)

  • oh, mr president | H.S.
    393K 11.6K 51

    a story of a cocky man with the greatest amount of power in the world and a reserved woman unsure of how to handle it. [A Dramatic Romance Alternate Universe Novel] amazani ⓒ copyright 2016, all rights reserved. highest rank: + #14 in fanfiction + #16 in fanfiction + #18 in fanfiction + #21 in fanfiction + #25 i...

  • Teacher h.s
    156K 2.9K 13

    Everything could have been simple and nice. But no, you have to try and run. No one runs from me, not even you my darling.

    Completed   Mature
  • Secret
    2M 68K 81

    "I don't want my sister to know." I say to Harry as his fingers play with mine. "She's your best friend and practically hates me." "It will be our secret." He smiles gently. // Contains mature content read at own risk All rights reserved, 2016 © jkharrystyles

    Completed   Mature
  • Priory // h.s.
    1.5M 51.6K 63

    ❝choose your last words, this is the last time 'cos you and i, we were born to die.❞

  • Invincible ➵h.s
    248K 11.2K 43

    In a futuristic society, love is 'found' through matching bracelets, that are assigned by the government. It is simple system - if the man in front of you has the same bracelet symbol as you, then you are meant to be. But there was one flaw - what if the bracelets were switched, through a third-party? Will their comp...

  • a favor ❀ harry
    4.3M 98.8K 75

    "I want you to do me a favor." She whispered. for mature audiences only, contains strong sexual content and mild drug abuse, read at your own risk.

  • The Boys Collection
    601K 44.8K 43

    She wore her collection of sins on her skin.

  • one minute || h.s
    921K 28.3K 53

    "If loving you kills me tonight, then I was ready for death the moment you said hello." «R.M Drake»

  • Masterpiece {h.s}
    750K 32.2K 56

    Art is a form of communication. Whether it is through music, through writing or through painting, every note you play, every word you write and every drop of paint you put on the canvas displays an emotion. For many, it is also a form of relief, a way to say everything you wish you'd say and a way to escape everything...

  • Ebony & Ivory [H.S]
    1.4M 74.6K 82

    Ebony & Ivory. Darkness and light. Two ends of the spectrum and somehow Harry Styles finds himself right in the midst of them both. How will he decide? Ebony Saville once considered as being strong willed and independent, though somewhere along the way she has lost a sense of herself. She is stuck in a tired relati...

  • Pretty Please Don't Pinch Me (Editing)
    19.2M 466K 109

    What happened to me is something I could never have dreamed up in my wildest imagination. I mean, no one really wakes up in the morning and expects to find a person you connect with so much, and feel a shared magnetism for that it may have you re-evaluating whether you believe in love at first sight. It's even more bi...

  • collision // harry styles au
    320K 10.7K 33

    "Listen... you can hear galaxies breathing." - Dennis Chen. A story of a free, happy spirit shining some light on a realistic, yet somewhat pessimistic boy while he tries to pull her head out of the clouds. © ALL RIGHTS RESEVED to highwaistedhemmings.

  • Recovery / / h.s
    655K 21.2K 61

    "A love like that was a serious illness, an illness from which you never entirely recover."- Charles Bukowski.

  • 6 Man ✫ H.S.
    1.4M 64.5K 74

    ∙COMPLETED ∙ ❝Sometimes the person you'd take a bullet for, ends up being the one behind the gun.❞ A supernatural Harry fanfic where he is the witch hunter, and she is the witch. [Mature content: read at your own risk] Winner of: |Harry Styles A.U. (1st Place) + Overall Winner (2nd Place): The Kiwi Styles Awards 201...

    Completed   Mature
  • More Than You Know (h.s)
    920K 25.7K 72

    At the young age of 26, Harry Styles has all that he needs to complete his perfect life. With a career that is continuously moving forward, a steady stream of money in his possession, and beautiful women constantly throwing themselves at him, what could be holding this entrepreneur back from achieving all that he want...

    Completed   Mature
  • Notorious
    2.8M 100K 60

    no·to·ri·ous/adjective: famous or well known, typically for some bad quality or deed. Harry Styles, by the very definition of the word is notorious. Not only for his good looks, charm, and unfathomable musical talent, but also for his womanizing and heartless attitude. Aspen Russo, by the very definition of the word...

    Completed   Mature
  • 25 Cents // mgc
    2.8K 197 3

    "This is all we need: 25 cents, 'couple of smokes, a cup of coffee, and a little bit of conversation. You and me."