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  • The Suicidal ( Yoongi X Reader )
    1.1M 34.3K 42

    Y/n is someone who gets bullied all the time. She had two people she thought she could count on. She then realizes she was living a lie with those two. Her best friend and boyfriend were nothing but fakes. Her parents died and she lives with her aunt and uncle. They were very abusive to her and didn't give a single c...

  • A Strang Pair (Filthy Frank/ Joji ) #Wattys2016
    23.6K 314 25

    As a strange girl falls in love with an odd boy Could their relationship work out or fall apart Kinda works out but will he give his all to her?

  • The Real Frank *smut*
    24.7K 480 3

    The story of how you and Joji aka Filthy Frank meet and the filthy (lmao no pun intented) adventures you have together. NSFW

  • Let me see you ♡ (JojiXReader)
    214K 6.2K 72

    I keep his music on repeat. I can't help but want to listen to his voice. It's like honey dripping down my throat and soothing my stomach. The raw emotions poured into his music reflects him. The honey in my belly melts once it hears his voice playing. So sweet and so sticky. One thing I learned is that bees make swe...

  • The Move
    761 30 2

    Reader leaves her hometown of Riverside California for college all the way in Brooklyn, New York. Fate has it's way and reader moves across from the infamous Joji Miller. Warnings: A bit of cursing & Possibly smut

  • Burning desires (Jojian smut)
    15.4K 306 7

    I did not draw the cover, it was drawn by someone on tumblr so credit to them! If u don't like sex then leave

  • next door » joshler [book #1]
    1.7M 83.9K 64

    at two in the morning one tuesday, a boy runs into tyler's apartment without even knocking or anything and just starts begging to sleep there for the night. not that tyler's complaining, because a) he wasn't sleeping anyway and b) this boy was very cute. so naturally he lets him. in the morning they find out theyve s...

  • don't cry: Joshler
    605 23 5

    depressed teen boy meets spunky blue haired boy?

  • A Bunch of Gerard Way Smut
    36.8K 677 10

    Just a whole bunch of sinning