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  • Yoongi Little Space
    2.8M 94.1K 85

    Everyone thought Jungkook was the baby of BTS, but when cameras turn off, someone else takes that place. Drabbles of Yoongi in Little Space with Bangtan as Caregivers. WARNING: SO MUCH FLUFF REQUESTS OPEN REPOST FROM AO3 AS UNIQUEWRITER #925 in FanFiction 07/21/17 #735 in FanFiction 07/24/17 #619 in FanFict...

  • My love
    303K 7.3K 64

    lemme just say, i had like no writing skills in this book and this was just something i wrote for like no reason. it's kinda cringe lmaoo. so, get ready for the loads of angst. thank y'all for the support on my books though! • taekook (top kook) • namjin (top joon) • yoonmin (top yoongi) • switch hoseok (hobi x hoshi)...

    Completed   Mature
  • Folie a Q
    6K 420 3

    Scott is a Federation captain on a mission of science and exploration. Mitch...apparently exists to drive him insane. Cowritten by Ehcimocs, who thankfully also designed the cover.

    Completed   Mature
  • the elegant captain hook | scömìche
    14.9K 1K 26

    you're there on a ship, the pirate ship, of gallant captain hook. +++ being kidnapped by pirates wasn't on scott's to-do list.

  • psycho; joshler
    23.6K 1K 14

    josh, tyler. and something that stops them from getting together. trigger warnings: abusive relationship, being hit, sucide. *i used the last name Arielscent in this story. i am not sure if this is a real last name but if this is your last name, please contact me and i will change it.

  • heathens
    50.8K 3K 16

    "tyler, do you know why you're here?" "i-i killed someone, right?"

  • Destiel Fluff
    312K 12.1K 38

    This is a short collection of Destiel stories. No smut, just fluff. You may even need to go outside so you can shriek.

  • Naturally Random
    1.2M 29.1K 38

    "It's not my fault that dog food is only supposed to be eaten by dogs..." "You can't blame me for actually heating up an egg in the oven to see if it hatches..." "Can you stop staring at me like that? It's not like I did it on purpose..." "C'mon, you can't blame me for trying to figure out where the air vent actually...

  • Deranged
    14M 374K 56

    A mysterious tunnel stands in Carter's town. Ever since a little girl, she was told to always stay away from the tunnel. Danger lurks inside of it, and that scared Carter. No one was ever able to see the very end of the tunnel; even daylight couldn't shine through it. Now, 19 years old with such curiosity, Carters fri...

  • Psycho Sitter - Harry Styles COMPLETED
    15.8M 447K 61

    Cassandra Lowe's parents seem to be always working, making them leave behind their two children with relatives far more then they would like. When Cassie's father gets a call for him and his wife to take a trip to Australia, thousands of miles away from their children. They accept the offer but know they can't leave...

  • Broken Memories [Shoey Dawceffa]
    36.9K 1.2K 33

    " What is a soulmate? It's like a best friend but more. It's that one person that knows you better than anyone else. Someone who makes you a better person, actually they don't make you a better person, you do that yourself. They inspire you. A soulmate is someone who you carry with you forever. The person who knew you...

    Completed   Mature