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  • Young Thug(Pokemon Various X Child/Teen!Reader)
    69K 1.4K 31

    After a young (Y/N)'s mother dies, Team Skull finds her with an Alolan Meowth. What will happen as (Y/N) grows up, claiming Guzma as her father? (WARNING: THIS MIGHT HAVE SPOILERS FOR POKÈMON SUN AND MOON)

  • Suggesting (Cuphead x Innocent/Naive! Jackalope reader)(Casino AU)
    7.1K 127 8

    It's been 3 years since Cuphead and Mugman were taken in by the devil, they've gotten used to all of it. Turns out, it ain't half bad. It's actually kinda fun. Who would've guessed that the sweet, cautious Mugman, and the hotheaded, brash Cuphead would get along so well with the devil and his right hand man, not to me...

  • BABTQFTIM One-Shots
    8.4K 124 9

    Requests open! Please only request on the request page, otherwise it gets confusing and I may not see them. .......................... Bendy and Boris: The Quest for the Ink Machine belongs to Thebbros on Tumblr

  • Sweet Talker || Diabolik Lovers x reader || вooĸ 1 || UNDER EDITING
    776K 24.5K 69

    ѕωєєт тαℓкєя (Y/n) (L/n) a girl who was always alone. Being alone caused her to lose her emotions and push herself away from the world...JUST KIDDING! (Y/n) (L/n) was not a girl to give up so easily. She forced herself around other people so she wouldn't be alone, she wouldn't give up. Ever. After being around...

    Completed   Mature
  • Izuru
    630 7 19

    The story of a young Dragon Hybrid. Izuru comes in contact with Trauma, Abuse and much more but, he has his family and friends to help him out. This hybrid comes from a long line of Mafia blood, the Liekens, all dragon hybrids. But more about that family later on in the story!

  • Bloody♧Heaven (DL x Reader Book)
    208K 4.8K 55

    Vampires who know nothing but pain and pleasure. You, a simple human who interests them, could teach them how to love. But the question is, do you accept their love? Pain to Pleasure Hate to Love Desire to Lust Can you handle these feelings? Requests are closed ^^

  • BNHA Boyfriend Scenarios + Oneshots
    461K 8.9K 35

    Ever wanted to see how it would feel like to date precious cinnamon roll, Midoriya? Or perhaps, the hot-headed Bakugou? NOW YOU CAAN :>

  • Lucy's friend (Natsu x Reader)
    5.6K 104 12

    After a year of training, Natsu and Happy land themselves in trouble in the beautiful city of Crocus. And meet an even more beautiful female by the name of (Y/N) (L/N) "It's nice to meet'cha , Lucy's friend!" "Nice to meet you, pinky"

  • Fairy Tail x Reader
    131K 2.8K 33

    You in the fairy tail universe with whoever you desire, whatever you desire. *No ships between the members used unless mentioned otherwise- if you hate a ship you won't be surprise attacked by it* *Requests closed*

  • Dragon Slayer Princess?! DragonSlayers X Reader
    27.9K 528 24

    What if the king on all dragons and his mate took care of two children and both become fairy tail members.

  • Feared •Various! Fairytail x Reader•
    385K 9.4K 34

    (Fairytail Various! X Reader) []COMPLETE[] "You're a freak!" "She's a demon!" "She'll kill us all!" A small girl lay awake in her room, wondering why people were so afraid of her. She was never allowed outside and rarely had any contact with humans. Her small helpless pleas, ignored by the world. Shunned because of h...

  • Earth Dragon {A Fairy Tail Males! x F! D.S! Reader} !!!DISCONTINUED!!
    108K 2K 31

    !!DISCONTINUED!! You are (Y/N) (L/N), a very strong female (insert element not used for any other dragon slayers) dragon slayer who is 18 years old. You joined Fairy Tail at the age 10 after trying to search for your dragon father Chikyu. You become a S-class mage in your first two years of Fairy Tail, exciting! You m...

  • ✦ My Hero Academia ⇔ Seven Minutes in Heaven ✦
    221K 4.2K 12

    After transferring to UA high, your new classmates decide to welcome you to their class by playing a game of . . . Seven Minutes in Heaven!

  • Fairy Tail Various! x Reader Insert
    1.5K 51 18

    (Name) is a girl with a sad backstory considering she is part of the offspring of Zeref and her brother died, but when she meets the members and becomes apart of this family of Fairy Tail, who go on wild adventures, her life seemed to become brighter.

  • Wrong number (ohshc)
    126K 4.9K 46

    What happens to Aika when a wrong number changes everything for her? *cover art belongs to artist I did not draw it. I do not own Ouran High School Host Club or any of the characters except my OC.*

  • Ohshc x reader
    626K 22.1K 25

    You're Haruhi's Sister! You had been kidnapped at a young age, but when you're found you are greeted by a group of hotties! XD

  • You Never Look Your Masters in the Eye (Ciel X Reader X Alois Love Triangle)
    49.5K 1.3K 15

    Heed all warnings in the first chapters. Don't like BDSM, don't read. Simple as that.

  • Sting x reader I'm yours
    133K 2.7K 41

    {COMPLETED}. (Y/n) is a fairy tail member and was 12 when the tenrou island team disappears she's waited and trained 7 years until one day every comes back the gmg are announced and (y/n) is a participant u run into a cocky jackass known as sting eucliffe before the gams . Ur feelings then start to change overtime f...

  • 7 minutes in heaven (Dragon Slayers)
    455K 6.6K 17

    Reader x FairyTail dragon slayer. There will be a cute/mooshie part 1, which will be the actual 7 minutes in the closet with your choice of dragon slayer. And part 2 will be a what happens after your turn in the closet with your fav. DS is over but you both decide to take it past the closet ;) (Warning part 2 will con...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fairy Tail x Reader One-shots
    230K 5.5K 57

    I will make one-shots with the following: Yandere Tsundere Lime Fluff AU (___!) Various Fairy Tail x (___!) Reader ... Anything really! Talk to me, love senpai... ~Katherine

  • such wonderful art (rascal x reader)
    12.9K 269 8

    you get transferred to a new school after your father's work gets moved. you mother had passed of an illness when you were only a little girl. you have been inspired to draw for a very long time and needed something more to draw. then he comes along and changes this little artists book forever. lol this is not lemon...

  • Midnight Flowers |RASCAL X READER/OC|
    17K 381 15

    This isn't really meant to be romantic but, if you want a sprinkle of romance....... I can do that. Ehh. But yeah. This design of the cover was created by me. I drew it (thank you thank you *bows*) and please just don't trace it. I will try my best to update as much as possible, as for I am still in school (I'm 14 don...

  • Laughter [Rascal x Reader]
    30.3K 674 17

    You are Glitter Hope, the lost member of the glitter force. Your powers are unstable and, until recently, the only one with them. Soon you meet five others just like you- and the trouble that follows them around. some of the writing at the start is a little embarassing but dont judge aha :')

  • Gladion X Reader One-Shots • HIATUS •
    50.7K 1K 7

    I mean... I couldn't stop myself from making this book? This will be mainly a fluff book because if I wrote a lemon it would probably 1000% fail and I would hate myself but if you requested it I would at least try to write one

  • Guzma One-Shots
    66.1K 967 13

    A book just about Guzma X Reader one-shots! Requests are open

  • Exciting encounter [Guzma x Reader]
    11.7K 264 7

    (Y/n) didn't always have a peaceful life, but now that she does, she's bored of it! On her way back home she helps out a little girl and ends up getting kidnapped by Team Skull. (Y/n) might find them to be cute, and exciting, but their leader may be the only one who can save her from her past. ~I don't own any of the...

  • Appreciated: Guzma x Reader
    4.8K 145 1

    According to Pokemon Sun and Moon lore, Team Skull's boss Guzma had a pretty rough past. He grew up with an abusive father that would beat him. Guzma also always strived to to great things and be recognized, but would always somehow fail. Spending a night with the mob boss, you learn a thing or two about his secret. S...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fairy Tail Boyfriend Scenarios/Prefernces
    14.9K 288 5

    Will include Natsu, Gray, Laxus, Jellal, Romeo, Sting, Rouge, Loke, Lyon, Zeref, Freed, Gajeel, Bickslow and possibly more in the future.

  • Not Accepting | Gladion x Reader
    231K 6.1K 36

    She was the first girl he ever really cared about, besides his sibling and mother. No other girl really interested him. She was different. It hit him like a truck, when he saw her cute smile and that positive attitude of her. He fell in love at first sight. Although because of his pride, he wouldn't accept it...