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  • Oblivious ― Kim Minseok
    16.2K 1K 11

    Just how oblivious could you get?

  • Waking Up In Green Sheets - Dramione [COMPLETE]
    616K 20.5K 52

    Hermione is married to Ron, an alcoholic and an abuser. Every day, her love for him is questioned. Until, fate takes its turn, and she wakes up in green sheets.

    Completed   Mature
  • Stupid Liar ― Luhan
    93.4K 6.1K 43

    Just how honest are you in a relationship? [#5 of the EXO series]

  • Reckless ― Kim Jongin
    2.3K 120 2

    My heart scares you but a gun doesn't?

  • dear jimin | pjm
    257K 16.3K 72

    dear jimin, i was never the "letter" kind of person, but i guess everyone changes one way or another. like you

  • Miracles in December
    9.3K 349 16

    An individual story for each member in their music video 'Miracles in December'

  • Monologue Of Love ― Do Kyungsoo
    41.8K 3.1K 33

    It lingers the mind to know what is the definition of Love. So, Tell Me What Is Love [#6 of the EXO series]

  • prosthetic
    198K 17.2K 31

    naive, naive hoseok.

  • fairytale | yoongi
    111K 9.8K 6

    you lied. weren't we supposed to have a happy ending together?

  • monster | namjoon
    525K 36.1K 20

    i'm sorry, for hurting you. i love you, even if you don't. forgive me, for being a monster.

  • wi-fi password | yoongi
    2.1M 126K 15

    "hey so my wi-fi kinda broke down and i was wondering if i could use your wi-fi? if yes, what's your wi-fi password?" in which a girl who tries to figure out her neighbour's wi-fi password.

  • Black Soda Drink [exo]
    11.9K 534 18

    After her brother’s passing, Yuan must now move in with her brother’s best friend, Kris. She feels like a thorn in his side but as Kris slowly opens up to her, she realizes he has other burdens on his shoulders. Yuan wants to free Kris from his troubles but it’ll mean casting aside her feelings, and she doesn’t know i...