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  • hired // shawnmendes
    2.5M 57K 36

    "stop doing that!" "doing what?" "acting like you like being with me one second and acting like you hate me the next!" "i think you forget you're the one who gets paid to do this." (lowercase intended!) SEQUEL IS POSTED, ITS CALLED LEARN!! disclaimer: i don't own shawn or any of the magcon boys but i do own leena and...

  • overconfident ; cameron dallas
    293K 6.1K 44

    ❝Cameron Dallas? He's a douche.❞

  • Torn ~ m.e
    1.7M 37.5K 92

    (Sequel to Different - A Matt Espinosa Fanfic) Skylar Potter has had her world flipped upside down by cheating, heart break, falling in love and lost friendships. But when she is faced by the cause of her problems will she go with her head or her heart? completed 16-11-15

    Completed   Mature
  • Heartbreak [Jack Gilinsky]
    1.1M 24K 39

    Jack and Jack have been best friends since kindergarten. But what happens when Johnson's little sister and Gilinsky go a little further and break their "best friends little sister" and "brother's best friend" bond?

  • More Than Friends? ~ t.c
    167K 4.4K 17

    Meet Veronica- Taylor Caniff's best friend who also has a tiny little crush on him. But when Taylor asks her to Magcon, will she finally confess her feelings or meet another boy instead? completed 04-12-14

  • High School (Hayes Grier)
    13.1M 249K 238

    Angie Mendes sister of Shawn Mendes is the quiet girl who is considered a "nerd". She has only a good amount of close friends and is a you tube singer just like her brother but no one at her school knows. What will she do when Hayes the quarterback and the most popular guy in her school knows who Angie really is? will...