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  • Out Of The Shadows (Lesbian fiction) (Edited version published on amazon)
    446K 18.3K 36

    Living with guilt and a broken heart, Lacey joins the military to drown out the memories of her past. But the time has come for her to return to the civilian world, and face her fears. Little did she know that the same demons she'd been running from, would be the same ones she'd be confronting on her return. She must...

    Completed   Mature
  • Loving my Physics Teacher(girlxgirl)
    940K 21.5K 35

    Nina, goes to a new school which her mom picked for her. At first she hated on moving to a new school because in her previous school she got a girlfriend and she dumped her because she knows that their relationship won't work because of the long distance. But will she still think the same when she just laid eyes on th...

  • The Bet
    3.8M 104K 40

    Nicole was one of the schools most popular sought girl. She was easy going, stubborn and full or herself. Emilia was the complete opposite of Nicole. She's hard working, kind and strict. She's also the current student council president and was also one of the most sought girls even if she was called the ice princess...

  • Not A Bad Thing
    258K 7.7K 23

    Sequel to Loving My Physics Teacher Will old love prevail or will a new love start?

  • The Silent Sorrow (GirlxGirl)
    626K 3.5K 5

    17 Year old Jamie Allen is starting a new school. Where she struggle every day to find her classes, but one day. Dandy, the girl, Jamie's cousin warns her to stay away from, helps her. Dandy is staring at her, intently with her sad and cold eyes. Jamie is grateful for her help, but also notice that she do not speak...

  • Ms. Homophobic (gxg) ~[Editing]~
    2.6M 83K 28

    ***** GirlxGirl Story ***** Hatred & Disgust -- That's what Lauren Anderson feels for all the people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and pansexuals. She treats them as if they're not human beings, but a bunch of aliens. The question is why? There are reasons for their foul demeanors, right? Laure...

    Completed   Mature
  • She Keeps Me Warm (Preview)
    1.1M 9.1K 20

    "Obviously," She started. There was a nervous shake in her voice that made me tilt my head in her hands. "Obviously you don't understand the agreement." She repeated after quickly composing herself. I rolled my eyes, but let her continue. "Where you go, I go. Where I go, you go." She told me sternly. Her thumbs graze...

  • Homophobe And The Beast
    41.4K 1.2K 5

    "H-hey stop" she pushed me away. "I'm not a fucking lesbo" she scowled. "You sure about that" I moved closer trapping her against the locker. "Y-yes..." she said quietly. I let my lips hover over her's for just a few seconds then smirked, as her face grew a dark shade of red. "Now you're just a hypocrite" I whispered...

  • Red Roses
    695K 16.8K 44

    [GirlxGirl] A gay/lesbian love story between a vampire and a human. Molly, the human, is kidnapped by a royal vampire named Savannah. Savannah claims Molly is her 'mate.' She is convinced Molly and her are meant to be together and wants Molly to live with her and her royal family forever, leaving all Molly has ever kn...

  • I'm a badass, gothic, half vampire lesbian. (finished)
    355K 846 3

    it is about a badass gothic vapire lesbian.