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  • The Pack of Broken Souls | A Dog Roleplay [Discontinued]
    4.2K 117 11

    The Pack of Crimson Hearts ; it used to be a home for the loyal, the lionhearted, and the lost. But that was 6 moons ago. Now, it's not safe for anyone. The wolves emerged from the badlands and have overthrown Alpha Tobias, chasing him out of the territory for good. Lupus is now the new Alpha of the pack, and he's p...

  • amber { warrior cats } || CURRENTLY BEING REWRITTEN
    22.7K 1.1K 24

    "It's funny how autumn is beautiful, yet everything is dying." - Ambertuft is probably the most insecure cat in ThornClan. Not able to stand up for herself, or have her own opinion. She doubts herself, she let that form her into a murderer. Her mind torn between loyalty to her clan and herself. Her own morals crushed...

  • MemeClan
    24.9K 1.5K 21

    Not much to say... It's memealicious Idea by Silver AMAZING cover by @MissMikkie

  • Bloodshed (Zombie Warrior Cats)
    46.1K 2.5K 35

    When both medicine cats get a prophecy seasons before the real thing, they don't believe it's real. But when North Korea nukes America's beloved state, Washington, it feels all too close to home. Literally. RockClan and StreamClan are thrown into a world of desperation, death, and confusion as their home and the world...

  • Warriors Silverwing's Prophecy
    298 25 10

    Silverkit is given a strange prophecy. She has a choice to stay on the good side or go to the bad side. Whichever side she picks will effect the Clans forever. Sorry if this description is terrible but I am bad at describing things

  • Warriors: Pebblescar's Reality
    41.9K 3.4K 27

    A horror like no other rises up itself in the Clans, causing a disturbance that shakes the forest's roots. Pebblescar, a loyal RiverClan warrior, is loved by all those in his Clan, always doing the right thing for everyone. Whoever he meets, he can befriend, and he always seemed to make good decisions. But in another...

  • Ways to Get Kicked Out of StarClan
    114K 10.7K 101

    Woah! Look! It's CrazystarThunderClan, Firestar4ever, Frostycloud, SlugterranCat, Brambleclaw4ever, LightningStrikeTC, FrostFireWarriorCat, WhisperSpirit, and helloilovecats all making one huge spoof book! Hi der is Herkfost. I innduct u 2 buk. No. //facepalms- dumb Hawkfrost. That poor frickin idiot. Welcome to this...

  • Clanmates Are Magic ▸ Warrior Cats + My Little Pony
    17.9K 580 22

    Trouble is stirring in the world of Warrior Cats. Twilight and her friends have been summoned to dispose of the dark magic gathering in the four innocent clans. But when that magic starts to change the mane six's elements for the worse, will all hope be lost? Without their magic and wings, they are forced to adapt t...

  • Goldensky's Destiny; Warrior Cats
    313 10 22

    Goldenkit and her siblings are a joy for Thunderclan. After a hard leaf-bare, they need all the paws they can get. Even if they're kit paws! Finally, Goldenkit earns her warrior name, but that's not all. She's the subject of a major prophecy that could save the clans. Or destroy them forever. Copyright 2016

  • Warrior Cats: Cleardawn's Silence #Wattys2016 [Book ONE]
    232K 10.2K 46

    #Wattys2016 #feels *BOOK ONE of the CDS Series* *UNDER MAJOR EDITING* *SLOW UPDATES* :-: What would you do if your mother disappeared? What would you do when you suspected someone close to you had something to do with it? What would do... If your heart could never escape the pain, the betrayal... the guilt? Cleardawn...

    76.8K 3.5K 25

    Join this awesome, and hilarious book as your favorite Warrior Cats find Facebook!! This is going to be rated PG, for there might be crude words, yet no cussing besides the following: cod, mousebrain, idiot, stupid, foxbrain, etc.

  • WARRIORS-Fate of the Clans-Book One-The Beginning
    15.2K 557 16

    Many, many moons after Firestar lost his ninth life saving the forest, his legacy now lives on in the stories elders share with bored apprentices and kits. The Clans haven't been disrupted for seasons, and the cats within them are calm and settled. But, StarClan has gone silent, and many have begun to doubt their...

  • The Worst Warriors Fanfic Ever
    183K 14.5K 51

    All the cliché terrible things not to do in one not-so-epic book.

    Completed   Mature
  • Warriors: Across Time
    25.9K 2K 30

    Welcome to this new book where we transport two cats from different timelines into one place and make them talk to each other! It may go right, or it may go wrong. Read on to find out! Cover and concept by Moon

  • The Random Book Of Randomness
    5K 509 87

    Randomness with more randomness and even more randomness. It's should be really funny so I hope you like it! All the songs, pictures, references, and some of the warrior cats do not belong to me. This book is completed and there will be a second book coming in January 2017.

  • Skylight (Warrior Cats)
    148K 7.2K 40

    What if you had been chosen? As young Skypaw of ThunderClan continues to trek deeper into the mysterious prophecy, she stumbles into unexpected hardships. As she finds out the horrifying back stories of the cats closest to her, she slowly pieces together her devastating that betrays the warrior code and Sta...

  • Warrior Cats Names Taken Seriously!
    116K 5.2K 40

    What happens when you take warrior cat names, for example, One-eye seriously? You literally get one eye! Request warrior cat names here, either ones you made up on the spot or a current OC of yours, and see what we come up with!

  • 50 Ways to Annoy Firestar
    280K 16.8K 50

    WELCOME TO THE SEQUEL OF 50 WAYS TO GET KICKED OUT OF JAYFEATHER'S DEN! THIS IS BOOK TWO OF THE 50 WAYS WARRIOR STYLE!*** Firestar: *rolls eyes* great. Exactly what I wanted. Brambleclaw: GREAT I BET FIRESTAR WILL BE BETTER THAN STUPID OLD JAYFEATHER *picks up waffles* Firestar: *screech* ^^' anyways.. Have fun! ***A...

  • Warrior Cats: Dark Destiny
    143 19 1

    Warrior Cats: Dark Destiny Erin Hunter is the original author of 'Warriors', all rights go to her, although the ideas of this book and characters belong to me though! See below for extended synopsis! --- The cruelest of all Clans- StarClan. That's right, Pebblekit needn't to say it any louder, or any clearer. He woul...

  • Warrior Cats: Truth or Dare 2!
    6.3K 142 26

    Your favorite Warrior Cats doing dares...again!

  • Warrior Cats Hunger Games
    56.9K 2.5K 18

    Do you love the Hunger Games, cats, fighting and Warriors? Well, you've come to the best place possible! Join six ThunderClan cats on a mission to win the Hunger Games. Please read this epic combination of Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter, and the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. (Note: I do not own Warrior Cats or The Hun...

  • Splashflight's Mistake (book one)
    16.8K 1.2K 30

    Dedicated to @lexy1019. She joined my instagram clan as Brightshine and is the reason the idea of this story was even made. •~•¥•~• "The ringed tail and the dappled turtle will join together to deliver us from the fatal morning star!" •~•¥•~• Splashkit is born as a runt. Everyone knows. In DewClan, everyone is strong...

  • Warriors: Nightpaw's Identity(Book 3 of the WBI Trilogy)
    15.6K 1K 14

    Book three of the WBI series! Please read the first two first. The tale of two brothers. The finale in a saga of murder and betrayal. A clash that will determines the legacy of the Clans. With the Clans on the brink of war, Nightpaw acts as Bumblestar's servant. Death and plotting seem to follow the ThunderClan leader...

  • 101 Ways To Kill A Cat
    193K 12.9K 103

    Let Bumblestar show you how. A/N: Do not do this to cats you may happen to know. This book is just a spoof and a joke. In fact, don't do this to anybody. Except for Frost. You can do it to Frost, because nobody cares about Frost and whether she lives or not.

  • Warrior Cats: Striped Savage Book 2
    281K 8.6K 52

    Runningwish and her littermate, Voleeye, have discovered their gifts from Starclan. Unfortunately, their sister Goldensky has left the clan with her lover, the treacherous Tigertooth, after a failed attempt to take Greystar's life. Shadowclan and Thunderclan bristle at the borders as a new prophecy is given. How wil...

  • Warrior Cat Name Generator
    75.3K 3.1K 62


  • Warriors: Blossomfall's Reign(Sequel to WBI)
    76.1K 5.3K 34

    Major spoilers ahead. Please read the first book, Warriors: Bumblestripe's Insanity(WBI) first. Welcome to the sequel! A mysterious rogue has destruction planned for all the Clans. ThunderClan's new leader is this cat's main target. Will Blossomfall's Reign survive the rogue's threat? Will she be able to have the era...

  • Warriors: What Is There To Say?
    17.5K 700 8

    ***SLOW UPDATES*** When Fogkit and Snowkit are born, a new darkness emerges within the clans. An urgent message is sent from StarClan saying that the clans must find the "lost warriors" or else they may be swept away forever. As Fogkit and Snowkit become apprentices, they embark on a journey in order to find these mys...

  • Warrior Cats Random One-Shots
    166K 6K 77


  • Bramblestar's Lazy Warrior Naming Ceremony
    1.3K 83 1

    Bramblestar has a dozen apprentices to give warrior names to and he seems to take the easy way out.