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  • A Dance in the Dark (Harry Potter fan-fiction)
    690 14 5

    This is a fan-fiction story about a girl with many powers. She interacts with many of the charactors in the Harry Potter series, mostly the Malfoy's. Love is to come for her and a lot is to be learned about her and her new found friends. Please enjoy and feel free to comment.

  • Crafting Your Best Story
    461K 6.8K 25

    Discover the craft of writing so that you can write your best story. Here are 26 tips to help you get unstuck. 2nd Edition. Hi Wattpadders! This is a new, improved and expanded version of Crafting Your Best Story. Half the book is uploaded here, but if you want to read the whole thing for free, just sign up for my Ell...

  • The Descent Into Hell For A Bottle of Milk
    4.7K 180 14

    Alex O’Shanahan is looking forward to his summer vacation before college starts. Unfortunately things don’t go quite as he planned when he almost gets hit by a car on the way to the grocery store to get some milk. He was sure the silence meant he was dead, but he is shocked to find himself in unfamiliar woods. Alex so...

  • Her Magic Escape
    101 1 3

    Hannah is not an ordinary girl. People do not write about ordinary girls doing ordinary things. This story follows Hannah on her escape from her past to a world of many more possibilities, both good and bad. A magical sanctuary from her harsh life suddenly turns into a horrible nightmare, and Hannah must either run or...