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  • Elise Runs and Dorothy Falls (Book 1 of Elise & Dorothy)
    103K 14.4K 47

    A dark romance that grows up--and grows stranger--with each installment. *A Wattpad Featured Story* Our story begins simple enough. On the run in a strange world after pirates kill her parents, Elise plows into Dorothy Blainwick, a young and powerful witch with a monster inside her. Like fire and water, the two have...

  • Waiting To Forget
    267 58 22

    This is my book all ideas, names, places, and people are all made up. Except most of what happens. You see there are some people I know that have had a horrible and terrible life. So I have taken the actions and the events and put them into this book. Yes it's sad and depressing but it will turn out good. You see the...

  • Blood Sacrifice: SEQUEL TO BOUND BY BLOOD
    489K 22.2K 38

    SEQUEL TO: BOUND BY BLOOD You all thought that was the end and happy ever after with Xavier and Diana. No, that was just the beginning and being King and Queen doesn't have it's perks. Xavier and Diana have new enemies and it's not what you think it is. What's going to happen when Xavier and Diana find out that they...

  • The Lovely Bite
    4.8M 187K 109

    Highest Ranking in Vampire- #1~ 5/31/16 Adeline O'Here is taken away from her human life and is sent to a school with other girls. Surrounding them are six boys who are trying to choose one of them. Adeline isn't precisely fond about it especially when she finds out that the boys turn into vampires once they do. Wh...

  • Zion |✔️ {featured on Wattpad Talent Scouts}
    22.2M 850K 59

    Highest Rank: #1 in Werewolf | A Featured Wattpad Novel Her mate didn't want her, so the Alpha King claimed her. WARNING: multiple chapters are PRIVATE, meaning you must be a follower to read. Book One of the Broken Crown Series <><> "Zion is a breath of fresh air amongst the midst of werewolf stories... With no doub...

  • Otherworld: A Son of Two Realms
    744 11 80

    What if the fantasy world you grew up reading was real? What if your father wasn't an overbearing writer, but a warrior who defeated kings? What if you traveled to this world and returned? Who would you tell? Who would believe you? Jack doesn't know who he wants to be. Everyone at high school only knows him as the son...

  • Reincarnated
    85.2K 4K 29

    All Kiara Collins wanted to do was enjoy her last summer break before the terrifying concept of university took over her life; three months of complete and utter unadulterated freedom, doing absolutely blissful nothing living it up with her father in Washington before her mother finally succeeded in shipping her off t...

  • The Cross of two worlds
    55 1 7

    A medieval world where a mans life gets completely changed by meeting a girl he never thought he would

  • THORN | a paranormal romance
    1.3M 21.5K 9

    Fairy Godfather, Jack, must deliver a sleeping curse to college student, Rose. But he thinks he's falling in love with his target. Rose has forgotten who she once was. But she recognizes the mysterious new guy on campus. From a dream, or another lifetime, maybe. As magic awakens and passions ignite, it becomes clear...