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  • For the First Time
    170K 3K 30

    Meredith finds herself in an awkward situation whenever the unthinkable happens.

  • Chasing Cars | A Grey's Anatomy Fanfiction
    236K 4.1K 33

    Ella Jones is far from being normal. Orphaned as a child by being thrown into a box and left at a fire station, to being pushed away by fosters, her tough shell shut everyone out. On the inside she longed to be ordinary person, and just as things were settling into place, she gets onto a Seattle metro bus. But she nev...

  • Jolex
    15.9K 189 19

    Jo is an intern at Mercy West hospital, but while everything is doing great, there is a big obstacle waiting for her, what will it be ?

  • Close
    10.3K 265 5

    Patrick and Ellen are really close, the best of friends, causing their loved ones to get jealous, will they do anything about it?

  • A Thousand Years (A Dempeo Fic)
    14.8K 336 5

    5 months after Patrick Dempsey walked out of the sets of Grey's Anatomy and Ellen Pompeo's life, they run into each other again at a wedding. Will the feelings they had always repressed explode under the resplendent, Italian sun? A Dempeo story...Co-written with Hel aka @ellenlovesellen

  • Distant Secrets { Merder}
    144K 3.1K 33

    Meredith lives in boston for two years now, right after the one night stand with her then 'soon to be boss' after 4months she dissappeared only holding contact with her best friend Cristina Yang.