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  • Bible Quotes
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    Bible quotes that are medicine for the soul. Love and live them

  • Chasing Christ
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    a christian devotional

  • Bible quotes
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    Quotes to inspire and teach us. :)

  • SAVED (Rescued Series #1)
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    First in the Rescued Series - Read the complete series here: I have always been the type to keep to myself. But there came a day when I couldn't take it any more, and did the one thing I never would've done. I accepted Christ into my life. "I tried to...

  • Saving Grace | ✓
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    Before she ran away from home, Grace Miller had been abused, beaten, and hurt in more ways than one by the people who are supposed to give her the love she deserved. Stranded in a little town, Grace had to face a bigger problem after she had been offered a home by the Brian's--there was life inside of her, and she fel...

  • CHANGED (A devotional for christian teenage girls)
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    Hayo! This is my 2nd devotional book. I love God and his love towards me so I decided to share my story and ways to be closer to him. I will mostly answer question that we teenage girls may be facing and thinking. By the grace of God Almighty, you will be CHANGED.

  • Daily Devotional
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    In this story everyday I will write a devotional or bible verses. This is just a book about God and you can tell me if you need a prayer request and I will pray for you. I know that I don't you but I love you and I care about you and so does God.

  • A Christian's 30 Day Challenge To Deeper Living
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    This is your challenge: grow spiritually, do things you didn't know you could, and delve into a deeper relationship with your Creator. There is no room for wimps. Be commited. Start now.

  • Ineffable
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    in·ef·fa·ble /inˈefəb(ə)l/ adjective Too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words.

  • Big Book of Bible Question
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    A Big Book, full controversial subjects, answered with Bible verses. -when finished should have more than 100 subjects -Five new subjects daily Cover By :@Aziltash -Enjoy -http Please Comment to show me what you think Sites used-

  • By Your Will, Lord. (ON HOLD DUE TO EDITING)
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    Naomi meets Levi at her favorite place in the world, the Library. He also just so happens to be going to the same school as her. While they get along well, there's one thing that builds a wall between them. Naomi is religious, Levi isn't. Naomi goes through a battle of feelings that keep bubbling inside of her towar...

  • From a Christian Girl's Perspective
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    FROM A CHRISTIAN GIRL'S PERSPECTIVE "The internet can be used as our voice and writing this book is an opportunity for me to share my beliefs to others and fulfill my purpose of making disciples and glorifying God."-Marielle Hey! You came across this book not by accident but by His will. Whether you're curious about C...

  • Christian Devotions
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    This is just to help Christians with their day to day life. We all know that this walk may not be easy, but it will definitely have it's rewards in the end!

  • How to survive being a Christian teen
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    We all struggle everyday. We're human. All I'm trying to do is make a light in this dark world for Jesus. Its all for Him and His glory. I started writing this book when i was 14 years old. It was January of 2014 and I'm now 16 so sorry if its a bit immature in the beginning. :)) Have a blessed day! ~Kayla

  • Our Daily Bread
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    "Therefore you shall be perfect just as your Father in heaven is perfect." Matthew 5:48 B - Basic I - Instructions B - Before L - Leaving E - Earth Let us give all the glory back to our Heavenly Father. God bless everyone. ^^ PS: Not all are my own words. I have this book; Our Daily Bread, and I just...

  • Two Scoops of A Savior's Love
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    ▹ ❝I have called you by name; you are mine.❞

  • The Big Book of Christian Quotes
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    I want to be so on fire for God. I want to go beyond my comfort zone, stretch my boundaries and just do what God wants me to do.

  • ~Bible Verses~
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    Bible Verses: about Life, Love, Friends, Family, Hope, Faith, Stress, Depression, Strength, Trust, Forgiveness and etc.❤️ TRUST GOD.

  • God's Promises
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    Do you believe in God and the miracles that he has done? Dont you know that Jesus suffered because of our sins? If you dont know God, its time for you to read the bible and know everything about the past and what will happen to the present. THIS IS NOT A STORY.

  • The Science of God - how a lover of physics found the truth in Christianity
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    The Science of God will be one man's attempt to explain his reasons for believing that there is one God, the creator of the universe, and why Christianity is His one true faith. We are living in times when Christianity is openly mocked and Christians the source of public ridicule, even violence. We are at war. We are...

  • Christian Poems
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    This is just a mixture of Christian poems. Hope you like it:) There are some random funny poems mixed in.... Just changed the cover and I hope you all like it!

  • Devotional Christian Book
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    This is a book for all genders explaining the reason for your living, the reason why God put you on this earth. To explain the importance of Christ. It helps readers be able to push on during tough times and temptations that are thrown your way. It talks mainly about Christ, faith, peace, love, temptations, honesty, s...

  • Faulty
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    Imperfection lies within us all,just remember the light always shines the brightest.

  • Questions Christians Ask
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    This is just a little way of encouraging those that have searching questions. Remember Jesus loves you all.

  • Help To Walk In the Plan of Christ
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    This is just a little encouragement to help you press towards walking in the plan of Christ. Remember you're loved.

  • Struggles Christians Face
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    No matter how big your trouble, your circumstance or your problem, Jesus is able to fix it. This is to help those who are going through to just be encouraged. You are an overcomer.

  • Jesus Saves
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    Bad things happen to Sarah, Sarah is a Christian but she never really Prays or Talks to Jesus. She moves to New York, and she has to leave her friends. Sarah makes new friends that help her Know Jesus better. She begins to have a better life. She learns that Jesus can help her, and that Jesus is all she needs. Sarah s...

  • God brought us together
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    {Completed} #6 in Christian Love Stories Meet Olivia Reedney, the 24 year old that everyone likes to be around. She is a well profound Christian who loves God. After working at her work place, she encounters Jonathan Knight during a terrible accident. Meet Jonathan Knight, the 25 year old that is a youth organiz...

  • God Is In Control
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    #48 in Spiritual 7/28/16 #9 in Spiritual 6/1/19 2nd book/sequel to the first book, God Brought Us Together. You do not have to read the book but it will give you a clearer understanding about this book you are about to read. Olivia Knight and Johnathan Knight are now living that happily married life until that fateful...