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  • Wicked Lust ; zauren
    68.4K 1.9K 38

    Story Status: [ on going + slow updates ] In which Zayn falls in love with his uncles' younger wife Lauren, living in a passioned secret, fumed with erotic fire, falling in love comes with consequences. ❗️sexual abuse, familial abuse and mental health. Highest Rankings: - #2 in zauren - #22 in freethekinks

  • Start.
    321K 6.5K 18

    "Harper-" "It's Bre, Zayn. Bre." "Whatever." ~*~ She was a change he needed, but didn't want. He was a challenge she wanted, but didn't need.

  • Tonight (Book 2) - Zayn Malik
    2.9M 126K 69

    [One Night Book 2] Tonight, everything will change. Tonight, she will discover his darkest secret.

  • Pillowtalk {z.m. AU}
    24.5K 931 7

    "He brings me to his room every night. But when daylight appears, He disappears." ... Zayn Malik, 22, the youngest, most good looking, billionaire alive. Women want him and men envy him. He has everything and just one thing he doesn't... A girl to come home to. He needed someone to give him what he needs. Satisfying...

  • I was Bullied by One Direction
    94.7K 2.7K 10

    Carter was bullied by one Direction ever since freshman year and suddenly can't take it anymore during one summer before senior year? She was only bullied for her gothic looks but now after those 103 days of vacation changed her,completely changed her. Carter's isn't the same girl everyone use to know. Now she's some...

  • The not so cool brother that is Zayn Malik (BSM) (One direction and 5sos story)
    102K 2K 58

    What happens when Zayn seems to think he can turn my life around after being away for so long and seeing how much I have changed! He takes away everything my home, my friends, my boyfriend but most of all my freedom....

  • The Sitter
    40.8K 1.9K 23

    Lauren was desperate for a job. She needed to make some cash before Summer ended. She signed up on a babysitters profile and in a week she was booked for a job. She thought it would be a breeze but with two hardheaded girls, and their hot brother it becomes anything but.

  • The Violent.《Z.M》
    165K 6.4K 42

    "You will keep struggling but at the end you will always be in my firm hold." All right reserved 2016©The_Monster_MK Complete✅

  • The Worst
    921K 33.4K 104

    After a night of wild partying at a frat house in NYC, Zayn Malik's world suddenly changes in a way he never imagined. And if you ask him, Charlie Dunn is responsible. And as for a seemingly nobody like Charlie, her world is completely different and entirely separate from Zayn's-or so she thinks. But what happens when...

  • THIS (zauren fan fiction)
    23.5K 876 21

    After two weeks spent researching colleges and universities that they've been accepted into in Florida, Zayn Malik decides to leave the U.K and head over to the states with his best friends Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles to their college of choice, James Sunfield College, a half hour drive to the beach in a big coll...

  • through the dark ➳ malik a.u
    1.9M 52.1K 35

    ❝You drive me absolutely insane, you know that angel?❞ // © bradfvrds

  • Toxic [Punk Zayn Malik AU]
    23K 605 8

    "Come on Skylar give me one last chance." He said grabbing my wrist, I turned around to face him. "No." I said. He was so close I could feel his warm breath hit me. His dark eyes glared into mine, he looked down for a moment at my lips and before I knew it he pressed me against the wall and smashed his lips into mine.

  • Trouble || z.m.
    237K 8.9K 20

    Zayn Malik. That's what he does; he plays girls.

  • tuesday | zayn malik au
    37K 1.9K 11

    “you realize I’m not the type to stick around, right?” “i never asked you to be.” © summer. s | winterings [2014]

  • Two weeks with Mr.Selfish
    25.4K 846 24

    Zayn is a cocky lil bitch and she's a strongminded lil shawty. Nah but THIS IS MY FAVORITE FANFIC YOU GUYS HES SO HOT IN THIS ONE OMG. READ THIS YOU WONT REGRET IT.

  • Uncertainty // z.m.
    14.5K 772 15

    She wasn't meant to see it. Now it is following her. He is following her. [Zayn Malik AU]

  • you get my drift?//z.m. au
    8K 248 13

    sex ● drugs ● money ● cars but not in that order

  • You're Mine. (Zayn Malik vampire)
    61.9K 2K 21

    You may think Phoenix's life is perfect, good friends, family but when she try's to get to the guy she's been crushing on since the 8th grade, she might not like him as much as she thought she did. It all started when she went to a party and it ended up changing her life forever

  • You're perfect to me(Sequel to 'The School Bus' A Zayn Malik fanfic)
    191K 6.4K 32

    Maya and Zayn are having the time of their lives traveling around the world. Having fun, being all lovey dovey and making new friends. But could that really all last? Really?

  • Your The Reason Why... (Zayn Malik)
    427 25 6

    It all started when he left....the pain, the bullying, the divorce. It all started when my bestfriend Zayn Malik left for the X-Factor. He left me. He forgot me. He promised he wouldn't forget about me. But he lied. Another promise yet broken. He's now dating a beautiful blonde named Perrie Edwards, while living 'the...

    8.8K 1.5K 76

    When a contract that was signed 4 years ago comes back to haunt Zayn, he can't help but run away to escape from the madness. On his brief adventure, he collides with a refugee named Valentina who is trying to escape from her captors. Zayn decides to brings her back with him hoping that his crew would help her but mana...

  • graffiti - z.m.
    293K 11.6K 18

    ✖ She lived her life in the luxurious avenues of Manhattan. He lived his life in the graffiti filled streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They had lived merely one subway stop apart their entire life, but with a world of difference. trailer by @validus Copyrights 2013 © arietem

  • Gangster (Zayn Malik)
    791 16 3

    In one room, one day, in one sec, they will meet and bump into each other.

  • Pieces
    4.2K 34 1

    This is a quick paced story or a short story of a young girl named Clair Mathews. (The story skips a few months after every chapter) She lives with her parents, sacrificing the things she wants to achieve, for the love she bears for them. She soon realizes betrayals are always fatal from the closest people and, That f...

  • Frozen (Z.M Book 4, Short story)
    116K 6.4K 12

    After a tragic loss, Zayn Malik is left alone to care for his four year old daughter, Allison. With a shady past, and a new head on his shoulders, how much can Zayn cope on his own while balancing his career and his innocent daughter? *** You've seen Zayn and Victorias love story and now see Zayn grow as a father with...

  • Forever and Always // Zayn Malik fanfiction
    777K 6.7K 31

    Rhiannon Crookes. A quiet country girl from a small town in England who spends her life hiding behind a fake smile. Her life has been a rollercoaster; full of surprises, and not the good kind. Abandoned by her family at a young age, and the physical and emotional abuse from her boyfriend Chris taking a turn for the wo...

  • Fifty Shades of Zayn (SLOW UPDATES)
    357K 11.5K 93

    He says he's fifty shades of fucked-up and she knows that too. But still, there is something about him that pulls her in. She can't stay away, even when she knows what he really is and the fact that he is not capable of love. He knows what he is dragging her into, yet he doesn't let go, because he's addicted to her. S...

  • Fix You
    852 83 6

    If we take a walk out if we take a walk out In the morning dew We could lay down So I'm next to you Come inside For a little home-made tea If you fall asleep Then at least you're next to me And if I wake up You see, it's late, love Go back to sleep I'm covered by nature And I'm safe now Underneath this oak tree.

  • Drugs || Z.M.
    62.9K 2.5K 35

    "My mom always warned me about the drugs out on the street; but never about the one with deep golden eyes and a heartbeat." (this is my first book & I'm constantly editing it, but I also wrote it when I was 13. I'm sorry if it sucks. also the chapters are super short that's why there's so many whoops. thank you if you...